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An interview with the lady behind

With Christmas coming up and gift buying being on the rise, we’re looking into websites that have a unique style or offering around this period.  While the US has crazy discount days like Black Friday, here in the UK we see the highest number of gifts being bought on Cyber Monday – the day we all realise Christmas is coming and that we had better get a move on with our presents.

When buying presents, the hardest part is really deciding what it is would be perfect for each person. No one wants to sit under the Christmas tree to watch a family member or friend open a present with false enthusiasm or a fake smile, so getting that idea right is the most crucial part of it all.  is a relatively new website with a great ethos behind it – we get in touch with the owner, Karen Clarke, to find out exactly what the site is all about:

So tell us a little bit about your website:

“ started as a hobby of mine earlier this year. I’ve worked in the gifting industry for about four years and always found myself recommending gifts to friends or family. There’s a massive amount of gifts that people can buy out there, and what I wanted to do was compile my own favourites into categories that other people could look at as well”

What’s your favourite gift?

“My favourite gift? There are so many to choose from that it’s quite difficult! *Pauses* My favourite gifts are probably those that come with same day delivery. I worked in a florist for a couple years and was always shocked by the number of people looking for same day delivery gifts, but realised that this is a unique thing that several UK retailers can offer. It’s quite interesting to see what can still be delivered at the very last minute.”

What kind of stuff can be delivered on the same day?

“Wow, all sorts of things. You can get things like experience day vouchers which are printable or emailable – these could be anything from a skydiving experience to a spa day in London, or even a tank paintballing experience. The choices there are huge. If you want something physically delivered, many florists can deliver flowers same day around the UK, and many of them stock things like wine, champagne, chocolates and balloons as well. It’s pretty cool. On top of that retailers like Firebox or House of Fraser deliver same day in specific areas – London & Birmingham. It’s really great to see this movement and optimisation of delivery networks here.

Well that is pretty interesting – so do you think same day delivery is getting more and more popular?

”Definitely is getting more popular by the day. With more retailers sending gifts around Britain every day, they can also throw on last minute presents onto the delivery truck without much additional work. This allows a few forgetful people the chance to still get their items delivered. I think as time goes on, every retailer will start doing this – it’s only a matter of time!”

But you don’t just have same day gifts on your site right, you have other ideas?

“Oh yes, we have all sorts of things. From Christmas gifts for under £100, to how to buy flowers and which flowers work for which occasion – I’ve made the site to give us all a better focus when you’re a bit stuck for ideas.

What are your tips for the hottest presents this Christmas?

“Well, you’ll have to browse around to find out! Every person is different, so the key to buying presents is identifying their needs and desires and putting them into action. Some Dad’s might just really want a golfing trip, while another Dad could really want a new iPad or a micro scooter! People know their friends and family best, so just remember to keep that in mind when looking.”

Well thanks very much for chatting to us – anything else you’d like to add?

“Just come by and check us out! I’m sure we can give you a few ideas for whatever occasion it is you’re looking for!”

Make Your Wedding Sparkle

You can make your wedding sparkle by adding cascades of clear beads of glass from the chandeliers. These small beads will twinkle and shimmer as the light passes through them, and they add a lot of elegance to any dining room. The beads can be a clear glass curtain that will add a shimmering wall that can be placed behind the bride and groom at the reception table, or they can be layered into a chandelier that will reflect all the colors of the room.

The important part is to add a lot of elegance to this formal occasion. These curtains and wall hangings of crystal beads add a lot of movement to the room that gives off luxurious waves of color. By adding large bows and strands of ribbons, the additional movement makes for a soothing and calming effect. Hanging glass around the champagne fountain makes for a perfect fit with its layers of bubbles. All of these glass curtains add a magical quality to the décor, which only adds to enhance the bride and groom.

While not everyone wants to add walls of glass bubbles to their wedding, there are still small standalone beaded glass lamps that add a wonderful expression of reflected light to the event. No matter how much sparkle is added to a wedding, the lights should always complement the bride and the bridesmaids. The right amount of magical lighting will make for wonderful photos that will be cherished. Click here to learn more about the beaded curtains and lamps.

Choosing Corporate Gifts for Your Staff

When it comes to corporate gifts you have a lot of different options to go for. These gifts can help to build your brand image and market your products or services to potential customers. It’s always a good idea to choose a practical gift that people will use on a daily basis, which will also mean that you will have maximum exposure for your brand.

When it’s time to plan your end year function, corporate gifts are perfect to give toy our staff. It will show them that they are appreciated and it will establish a good working relationship between all departments. When it comes to choosing the perfect corporate gift for your employees, you can choose a product that accurately represent your brand, and something that will be practical to use.

When you choose corporate gifts, make sure that they are practical so that they can be used on a regular basis; this will ensure that your product is in front of potential customers every day, boosting your business image effectively and affordably. If you give employees practical business stationary or gifts, they can use this when they conduct business elsewhere, representing your business wherever they go.

Popular Gifts

Some of the most popular corporate gift choices include luggage bags, clocks and watches, beauty products, branded clothing, diaries and calendars. These products are perfect for employees who want to make sure that their employees have something useful as well as something durable that they can use every day.

Another good idea is have branded name badges for all your employees. This is a great benefit to have – not only in the office but wherever they go. People will know who they are and for who they are working – further establishing your brand. You can combine this with employee workwear or uniforms, to further establish uniformity in the office.

Office products are always great to give as gifts. This includes personalized stationery, notebooks and pads, and even business card holders. This can be used by your employees in the office, as well as outside of the office when they attend work meetings, consult with clients and conduct business on behalf of your company.

Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are always great to give to customers and employees. You can combine different items in your hamper and allow for a variety of gifts to be branded and handed out. Gift hampers can be made up according to your company image and colors, making it a great opportunity for any business to build their brand image.

Corporate gifts are a great way to build your brand and market your products or services to your customers. If you choose the right gift you can allow for a lasting impression that will definitely put your brand in front of your audience. Corporate gifts are thus a wonderful way to market your business – even over Christmas.

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How to Stand Out

I still remember my family’s last family reunion. It took place less than a year ago and it was so much fun. As the organisers of the event, we ordered personalised t-shirts to celebrate this special occasion. The whole idea definitely put smiles on many faces, especially on the faces of those family members of mine who didn’t expect anything so fun to happen on that day. Several members of the family still talk about the t-shirts, which only proves how much they enjoyed the idea.

I strongly believe that Personalised Clothing is great for many occasions, not only for family reunions. One good example I can think of is when you want to order some clothing for your sports team. It looks so cool and trendy when all the members of a sports team wear the same clothes. It also looks great when a group of friends or family members wear very similar clothes, just different sizes of course.

What ideas do I have in store for my next family reunion? Personalised clothes will again play a pivotal and integral role in our next reunion that will hopefully take place in five years. I am already thinking about ways to surprise my family with something new and exciting. I am not even thinking about personalised t-shirts only, but I am seriously pondering expanding the idea to personalised hats, vests, or even sweaters. An uncle of mine could definitely use a sweater or two, so I am already putting the idea on my list of things to do in the future.

The Benefits of a Foot Massage

Most people love a good foot massage in Indianapolis. This can provide you with time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a luxurious experience. What many people don’t know is that there are also a number of valuable benefits associated with foot massages, including the following:

• Fast, effective pain relief
• Relaxing and rejuvenating experience
• Instant stress relief
• Improves range of motion
• Improves circulation
• Enhances energy
• Strengthens the immune system
• Shortens healing time from a range of diseases and treatments
• Stabilizes blood pressure

Enjoy Softer, Smoother Feet

Following a massage, your feet will usually feel softer, pain-free, and ready to walk 100 miles. The next time you have your spouse or a professional give you a foot massage, ask them to use a softening cream on your feet. Following the massage, wear a pair of thick socks for at least an hour or overnight. You will wake up to considerably softer, smoother feet.

Are You Suffering from Pain?

If you are suffering from a condition that may cause pain in your feet, calves, or legs, you may enjoy even greater benefits from a professional massage. For instance, if you suffer from plantar fascia, diabetes, arthritis, or physical injuries, a foot massage can help to get your life back on track. Massages, acupressure, foot manipulation, and reflexology services can help to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities, whether you are suffering from a sports-related injury or ongoing pain. Best of all, massage therapy has little to no side effects and can greatly benefit nearly every aspect of your life.

Do You Need a Pro?

The best way to get a worthwhile foot massage in Indianapolis is to visit a professional. Call your local salon or spa to schedule an appointment. However, you can also enjoy a number of benefits, along with an incredibly relaxing experience, from home. Ask your spouse if they will give you a massage and in return, you can give them a relaxing massage as well. Foot rubs are shown to be a sensual and loving experience, so don’t forget to give your loved one a relaxing massage tonight.

This was a guest post.

Four Shopping Tips From a Model

I’m a model and I’ve been modeling for a long time, ever since 2003 actually when I first heart of a talent services company called One Source Talent. I got started with mostly small modeling jobs, but eventually moved my way up and started doing high fashion and runway work.

Now I’m mostly involved in high-end fashion promotion, but I have a confession… I’m a shopping addict!

I am not one of those people who spends hundreds of dollars on a shirt, though. I’ve
gotten quite good at finding great deals on clothing and accessories.

Today I’m going to share some of my tips with you, check them out below:

1. Resale shops are a goldmine – In this industry I’ve met my fair share of the stereotypical rich girl. The girl who spends hundreds of dollars on a shirt, wears it one or two times and then gets rid of it. I’m not too proud to wear used clothes, so guess what I do? I go to resale shops in upscale neighborhoods! That rich girl who spent $200 on a sweat just donated it to a thrift store and now I can get it for $25.

2. Create a promotion email account – I have an email address that I use just for shopping. What I noticed is that when I used 1 email address, I would ignore the sales and promotions. So now I have a special email account set up just for promotions. I go to my favorite clothing store’s websites and sign up for email notifications. Then, whenever I feel like shopping, I log into my shopping email account and I look at the promotional emails I have gotten recently, print out the coupons, and head to the store.

3. Get a job at your favorite store – When I first moved to New York to start modeling, I needed to find a part time job. While all of the girls my age were getting jobs at bars and restaraunts, I found myself a sales job at a local boutique. I didn’t make a ton of money, but I got huge discounts on clothes, and when clothes were going out of season they practically gave them to my for free. Even if you get just a part time job at a clothing store, it’s a great way to get a big discount on your favorite brands.

4. Trade clothes – Join some online fashion forums and trade clothes with other people. Pretty much every fashion forum has a section where you can post pictures of your clothes, find other people who post pictures of their clothes, and agree to trade with somebody who wears the same size as you.

These tips have saved me a ton of money and helped me build up an impressive wardrobe over the years. I hope it helps you do the same. Enjoy!

Welding Facts

It takes some time for a person to master something known as welding. even if a person already masters the art of welding, he still needs some proper equipment he can easily get from atl welding supply. Personally, I have never tried welding before, but something tells me that I am going to give it a try soon, especially when I have access to some equipment that would allow me to do it the right way.

Dental Advice for Pregnant Women

When it comes to maintaining your oral health while pregnant, it can be quite frustrating. The body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy, which make it difficult to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental care during pregnancy is important to delay any serious problems such as root canals. Visiting a Genesis Dental dentist can help to create a great plan of action for your pregnancy. Scheduling regular visits will allow them to treat many of the oral health issues you will encounter during pregnancy. They will also be able to answer any concerns you have related to x-rays and dental treatment during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Dental Plan

Planning ahead is always the best practice when it comes to pregnancy and your oral health. You need to try to plan at least six months in advance for your pregnancy. This can help the dentist to treat some of the serious oral health problems before you are pregnant. Laying on your back in the last trimester can be challenging, and often leaves patients feeling light-headed and ill. If you have procedures that require a long time, having them treated before you are pregnant is the best option. The dentist will also discuss eating habits with you to help your baby get the best nutrition possible for their teeth to form.

Visiting the Dentist

Keep your regularly scheduled visits with the dentist through your pregnancy. Since gum disease is common, it is important to see the dentist so they can perform cleanings that will reduce problems with gum recession. Daily flossing is important to your teeth and gums during pregnancy, as it does the best job at reversing gum disease. The dentist may also have you come into their office for simple treatments like teeth cleaning, or possible removal of decay in an early stage. The baby is undergoing a lot of sensitive developments, and the dentist must know that you are pregnant so they do not place the baby in any harm. The first and second trimester are key development phases where surgeries and invasive procedures should be avoided to prevent problems. Talk to your Genesis Dental dentist today about your pregnancy so they can work out a great plan to prevent gum disease and other problems.

This was a guest post.


How much wellness matters to you? Well, it matters to me a lot as I want to live long and prosper. I am planning to live a long and fulfilling life during which I am going to accomplish many goals.

One of the key to wellness, aside from living a stress-free life, is drinking herbs that can help you to stay relaxed. I know that it might be very tempting to drink a cup of coffee in the morning (this is something I do almost every single day), but it is important to remember that wellness starts with what you eat and what you drink and this is where herbal teas come into play.

If you check my Herbal Life website, you will see how many different teas and supplements you can find there. It is easy to find an effective remedy for any sort of illness you might have. Remember, if you suffer from any kind of illness, there is no reason to give up, but rather to seek the help of those who can help.

In case you have never read any Herbalife Review, allow me here to tell you that Herbalife is a well-known wellness company that has been gracing us with healthy solutions for as long as I can remember. They have many solutions to many ailments.

EMUAID: You Don’t Have to Live With Unsightly Warts

Do you have warts? Are you embarrassed by them? Most people who have warts do not want anyone to know and will go to great lengths to hide the infected areas. However, warts are nothing to be embarrassed about and are actually quite easy to treat with the right products, such as EMUAID.

What Are Warts? How Do I Get Them?

Warts are raised bumps on the skin caused by a virus. The virus that causes warts is the human papillomavirus, or HPV. Warts are not usually dangerous but they are contagious, being passed from one person to another through close contact.

There are more than 100 different strains of HPV. Most of these viruses cause skin breakouts on the hands, feet arms or legs that are perfectly harmless, although they may be unsightly and embarrassing. However, a few strains of HPV can cause genital warts, and these have been linked to cervical cancer in women. It is very important for women who believe they have been exposed to HPV by a sexual partner to seek immediate treatment from a doctor.

For everyone else, warts remain an embarrassing and sometimes painful reminder that we cannot avoid all the viruses out there. However, many of these viruses, including the common wart, are treatable.

What Are the Different Types of Warts?

There are several different types of warts that grow on various areas of the body. These include:

• Common warts. Gray and grainy, these warts usually grown on fingers and toes but can show up anywhere on the body. They are usually raised bumps that have a rounded top.

• Plantar warts. These warts grow into the skin rather than out of it. They may cause a hole in the bottom of the foot surrounded by hardened skin.

• Flat warts. Pink, brown or yellow flat warts are not rounded like common warts and may not be immediately noticeable. They usually grow on the face, arms or thighs.

• Filiform warts. These warts look like small skin tags and are usually the same color as the surrounding skin. They grow around the mouth and nose and may grow under the chin.

• Periungual warts. These warts grow around or even under the fingernails or toenails and may be very painful as they press on the nail bed.

How Can I Treat Common Warts?

EMUAID has been shown to reduce the occurrence of all types of warts by fighting the virus where it lives. It also promotes healing to the skin areas that have been affected by warts by stimulating blood flow to those locations.

By applying the all-natural EMUAID ointment to the affected areas as directed, you can reduce the occurrence and severity of all types of warts.