An interview with the lady behind

With Christmas coming up and gift buying being on the rise, we’re looking into websites that have a unique style or offering around this period.  While the US has crazy discount days like Black Friday, here in the UK we see the highest number of gifts being bought on Cyber Monday – the day we all realise Christmas is coming and that we had better get a move on with our presents.

When buying presents, the hardest part is really deciding what it is would be perfect for each person. No one wants to sit under the Christmas tree to watch a family member or friend open a present with false enthusiasm or a fake smile, so getting that idea right is the most crucial part of it all.  is a relatively new website with a great ethos behind it – we get in touch with the owner, Karen Clarke, to find out exactly what the site is all about:

So tell us a little bit about your website:

“ started as a hobby of mine earlier this year. I’ve worked in the gifting industry for about four years and always found myself recommending gifts to friends or family. There’s a massive amount of gifts that people can buy out there, and what I wanted to do was compile my own favourites into categories that other people could look at as well”

What’s your favourite gift?

“My favourite gift? There are so many to choose from that it’s quite difficult! *Pauses* My favourite gifts are probably those that come with same day delivery. I worked in a florist for a couple years and was always shocked by the number of people looking for same day delivery gifts, but realised that this is a unique thing that several UK retailers can offer. It’s quite interesting to see what can still be delivered at the very last minute.”

What kind of stuff can be delivered on the same day?

“Wow, all sorts of things. You can get things like experience day vouchers which are printable or emailable – these could be anything from a skydiving experience to a spa day in London, or even a tank paintballing experience. The choices there are huge. If you want something physically delivered, many florists can deliver flowers same day around the UK, and many of them stock things like wine, champagne, chocolates and balloons as well. It’s pretty cool. On top of that retailers like Firebox or House of Fraser deliver same day in specific areas – London & Birmingham. It’s really great to see this movement and optimisation of delivery networks here.

Well that is pretty interesting – so do you think same day delivery is getting more and more popular?

”Definitely is getting more popular by the day. With more retailers sending gifts around Britain every day, they can also throw on last minute presents onto the delivery truck without much additional work. This allows a few forgetful people the chance to still get their items delivered. I think as time goes on, every retailer will start doing this – it’s only a matter of time!”

But you don’t just have same day gifts on your site right, you have other ideas?

“Oh yes, we have all sorts of things. From Christmas gifts for under £100, to how to buy flowers and which flowers work for which occasion – I’ve made the site to give us all a better focus when you’re a bit stuck for ideas.

What are your tips for the hottest presents this Christmas?

“Well, you’ll have to browse around to find out! Every person is different, so the key to buying presents is identifying their needs and desires and putting them into action. Some Dad’s might just really want a golfing trip, while another Dad could really want a new iPad or a micro scooter! People know their friends and family best, so just remember to keep that in mind when looking.”

Well thanks very much for chatting to us – anything else you’d like to add?

“Just come by and check us out! I’m sure we can give you a few ideas for whatever occasion it is you’re looking for!”