Make Your Wedding Sparkle

You can make your wedding sparkle by adding cascades of clear beads of glass from the chandeliers. These small beads will twinkle and shimmer as the light passes through them, and they add a lot of elegance to any dining room. The beads can be a clear glass curtain that will add a shimmering wall that can be placed behind the bride and groom at the reception table, or they can be layered into a chandelier that will reflect all the colors of the room.

The important part is to add a lot of elegance to this formal occasion. These curtains and wall hangings of crystal beads add a lot of movement to the room that gives off luxurious waves of color. By adding large bows and strands of ribbons, the additional movement makes for a soothing and calming effect. Hanging glass around the champagne fountain makes for a perfect fit with its layers of bubbles. All of these glass curtains add a magical quality to the d├ęcor, which only adds to enhance the bride and groom.

While not everyone wants to add walls of glass bubbles to their wedding, there are still small standalone beaded glass lamps that add a wonderful expression of reflected light to the event. No matter how much sparkle is added to a wedding, the lights should always complement the bride and the bridesmaids. The right amount of magical lighting will make for wonderful photos that will be cherished. Click here to learn more about the beaded curtains and lamps.