Dental Advice for Pregnant Women

When it comes to maintaining your oral health while pregnant, it can be quite frustrating. The body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy, which make it difficult to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Dental care during pregnancy is important to delay any serious problems such as root canals. Visiting a Genesis Dental dentist can help to create a great plan of action for your pregnancy. Scheduling regular visits will allow them to treat many of the oral health issues you will encounter during pregnancy. They will also be able to answer any concerns you have related to x-rays and dental treatment during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Dental Plan

Planning ahead is always the best practice when it comes to pregnancy and your oral health. You need to try to plan at least six months in advance for your pregnancy. This can help the dentist to treat some of the serious oral health problems before you are pregnant. Laying on your back in the last trimester can be challenging, and often leaves patients feeling light-headed and ill. If you have procedures that require a long time, having them treated before you are pregnant is the best option. The dentist will also discuss eating habits with you to help your baby get the best nutrition possible for their teeth to form.

Visiting the Dentist

Keep your regularly scheduled visits with the dentist through your pregnancy. Since gum disease is common, it is important to see the dentist so they can perform cleanings that will reduce problems with gum recession. Daily flossing is important to your teeth and gums during pregnancy, as it does the best job at reversing gum disease. The dentist may also have you come into their office for simple treatments like teeth cleaning, or possible removal of decay in an early stage. The baby is undergoing a lot of sensitive developments, and the dentist must know that you are pregnant so they do not place the baby in any harm. The first and second trimester are key development phases where surgeries and invasive procedures should be avoided to prevent problems. Talk to your Genesis Dental dentist today about your pregnancy so they can work out a great plan to prevent gum disease and other problems.

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