Three Excellent Ways to Find and Land a Mystery Shopping Job in Australia

All across Sydney, from the CBD to the Harbour, everyone is talking about the latest trend in freelance work: Mystery shopping. Everyone has had their fair share of negative and positive shopping experiences, but mystery shoppers get to do something about it!

Mystery shopping is fun for many reasons. First, it gives you the chance to make purchases with money from the company you work for. Second, you have the opportunity to make shopping something more interesting and active than it usually is. Third, you will be able to make observations that could improve customer service for other shoppers.

Though lots of people are looking for mystery shopper jobs, there are still plenty of openings for you to take advantage of. These tips will help you land the right mystery shopping position:

1) Study the Company’s Pay Schedule
One of the best perks to mystery shopping in Australia is the chance to make sure you get paid on your schedule. You’ll be acting as an independent consultant, not a full-time employee, so you should be aware of the pay policies. Different companies pay weekly, monthly or two times monthly. You should try to find a company whose schedule works with your needs.

2) Be Aware of Your Own Hours
The effort you spend on mystery shopping is precisely what you get back from it. Many people use mystery shopping in Sydney as a way of increasing their income on top of their usual nine-to-five job. Parents can also enjoy mystery shopping and use the extra income for all kinds of purchases. Make sure your contract specifies you can set your own hours!

3) Look for “Tough” Hiring Requirements
It might seem odd to say at first, but you benefit most from getting involved with mystery shopping companies that have strict requirements. They are more likely to be around longer and to champion high standards that you will be proud to attach your name to. Plus, they’ll also be much more likely to pay you accurately and on time!

A good mystery shopping job will give you access to an easy payday around your schedule. If you want an Australia-based company with terrific growth prospects and great earning potential, try Above Benchmark. It has an amazing reputation for high standards. Learn more at