Luxurious Fabrics With Rustic Style

If you want to design a luxurious room with comfortable, rustic style, high-quality fabrics will make a big impact. The beauty of warm wood furniture combined with luxury upholstery fabrics will create a stunning space with unique visual design elements.


Leather is a beautiful, durable upholstery choice for any room in the house. For a family room or living room that’s used for family gatherings and entertaining, look for leather with a protected finish that will require little maintenance. The beauty of natural leather, unprotected leather, is stunning, but it scratches and stains easier. If you have small children and pets, protected leather is a better option.

Specialty Leather

If you want to create a luxurious room with rustic appeal, unique, handcrafted leather is the perfect choice. You can choose from embossed leather with hammered textures, hand-carved leather with elaborate patterns, and hand-sewn leather with combination fabrics. Whether used on sofas, chairs or accent pieces, specialty leathers provide luxurious design details.


Nothing says rustic style like genuine cowhide. It can be used for upholstery, rugs and throws to create a unique look in any room. Since it’s natural animal hair, it’s extremely durable and easy to maintain, but the cowhide size may limit upholstery to smaller furniture and accent pieces. If you use faux cowhide, your upholstery options are endless.

You can create a cozy, rustic design style in any room with luxurious upholstery fabrics that are beautiful and comfortable. To learn more now, visit us at Adobe Interiors.