5 Ideas for Great Groomsman Gifts

Your groomsmen took the time and trouble to rent a tux and be in your wedding, so you want to be sure to get them gifts that show how much you appreciate it. Check out these five ideas for great groomsman gifts:

  1.        Get guy gear. A silver or leather flask is a classic. Not only can it actually be useful but it’s perfect for male bonding sessions. Your groomsman isn’t a drinker? A good bet is a baseball cap with the groomsman’s favorite team logo. It’s always a cool gift for a sports fan. Another useful guy gadget is a pocket knife – the more features, the better!
  2.       Wish fulfillment. Get them something you’ve always wanted but just never bought for yourself such as a pocket watch, velvet smoking jacket – fun to wear, even if you don’t smoke – or an extremely high quality cigar. The gift should be luxurious but not so over the top that you break the bank or even worse, your groomsmen never use it.
  3.        Make it personal. You can put your groomsmen’s names or initials on just about anything from cuff links to gym bags. Personalization is a great touch and makes each groomsman gift unique.
  4.      Make it an experience. The best groomsmen gifts aren’t always the ones you can hold in your hands. Tickets to sporting events or, if you’re feeling extravagant, tickets for sporting experiences like racecar driving are always appreciated.
  5.       Save the best for your best man. Every groomsman gift you give should be something personal. However, make sure you show your best man some love by giving him something that truly shows your gratitude. Courtside seats or tickets to Vegas would not be out of line.

No matter what you choose, the important thing is that the gift is meaningful for you and your groomsmen.