The Latest Trends in Multifamily Housing

If you are shopping for a new home, particularly in a large city, there is a good chance that multifamily housing or apartments are your best bet. Fortunately, architectural trends are keeping up with the demand for these dwellings. There are new trends for everything from leasing to new smart home technologies, like those in the Manayunk apartment buildings.

The Latest Amenities

Many luxury complexes offer smart home amenities, wi-fi, Icafes and increased intelligent home technologies. Even the older buildings are installing Nest and Ring tech to make even the most tech-minded happy with their connectivity.

Tenants are also demanding better outfitted common areas and social events. Some luxury apartments are complete with an onsite concierge to alleviate the demands of city living.

Green Leasing

Many of the latest buildings are green friendly. Some of the most modern ones are being called the most energy-efficient apartments ever. Tenants are even being asked to sign green leases that stipulate that they use sustainable living practices while they rent.

Life-Work Balance at Home

The life-work balance is becoming more critical as more people work from home or at least bring their work to their apartments. Complexes are now making this more comfortable by providing in-home offices as well as community-based luxuries. Some of these luxuries include clubhouses, cooking and life classes, open outdoor spaces and gardens.

Affordable Luxury

Previously, luxury apartments were only for the very wealthy. Many of the newer designs and designers offer more luxurious living at a lower price by making their unites smaller but pack full of features. By expanding common areas, social spaces and outdoor amenities, they offer luxury features without the luxury price.

These trends are expected to continue as more people move from large suburban living into more compact socially conscious apartment living. Multifamily complexes are expanding their features to keep up.