Real Estate Success Strategies

Prior to pursuing real estate prospecting, set yourself up for success. For example, set goals and a business plan, develop a detailed schedule, track your results and gain knowledge.

Set Goals and Develop a Plan

Your goals should be reasonable and based on data. Don’t set unreachable goals.

Your short-term goals should focus on your work, such as the number of contacts you want to make in a week. Your long-term goals should be about your results. For example, you may want to receive a specific commission rate or earn a specific amount of money. Evaluate both your short- and long-term goals each year and make adjustments.

Schedule Your Time

Stick to your plan. Results require productive activity, so schedule tasks. Pursue significant interactions and dedicate the time you need to achieve your goals.

Place your leads on lists of priority and motivation, and if leads have gone cold or are dead ends, take them off your list. You are tightly scheduled, so avoid procrastination. Follow-up delays may cause you to lose a client to another agent. Use multiple contact methods.

You may call your prospects multiple times, but be respectful and polite, asking for their permission to call again. Seek to give your clients what they need and solve their problems. Be honest and caring and listen to your clients.

Track Your Efforts

In your calendar, write down your accomplishments and how you achieved them. If something didn’t work, write it down. Take the time to develop a list of strategies that work the best for you. Learn something from every “yes” and “no.”

Adopt a Positive Attitude

You cannot make your prospects pick up the phone, so don’t get discouraged. Remind yourself that you provide a valuable service and help others through your work. Weekly events and sharing valuable information boost engagement and communication.

Gain Knowledge

Learn about real estate law and the neighborhoods and markets you serve. Consider learning new skills and strategies, such as accounting and negotiation, that will improve your business and may transfer to other areas of your life.