The Journey to Financial Freedom

The Sad Truth

Have you experienced being empty-handed even just once in your life? Or are you sick and tired of always wanting and lacking? Do you always worry about the next meal or the due date of your bills or the payment of your monthly mortgage? You are already at your ebb and sometimes even clueless on what to do next. You fervently ask yourself and even the high heavens, “When will this ever end?”

Being in a financial turmoil can really be stressful – having to worry how to let ends meet and get by until the next payday. Providing for your own is one thing but feeding an entire family is entirely a different matter. The responsibility is multiplied over and over. Many people resort to different ways and means just to carry on. Some take additional jobs even though it does not pay much as long as it gives extra income. Others even resort to any possible way in order to get quick cash. A lot of people apply quick fixes or use Band-Aid approaches just to provide for their needs.

Most often than not, reality bites – this is a sad truth. Many people are just surviving paycheck after paycheck, without any extra and more so, any savings. They have become masters and experts on how to stretch their budget until the next payday. They are the people who are in debt and continue to be drowned by more debts as time goes by. These are the people who are left with no other option but just to borrow money month after month after month. They have taken advantage almost every loan available just to survive.

Band-Aid Solution
One of the most common quick fixes that they get hold of is the payday loan. Payday loans are just short-term loans; it has to be normally paid within a month. The main purpose of this loan is to fill the temporary financial gap for that particular time. In essence, it just really a Band-Aid. This is not ideal if you cannot pay it within one month because it be more damaging for you in the long run. Its high interest rate will definitely pull you down.

Payday Loan’s Primary Goal
Payday loans are good to some extent as long as the borrower is sure that he can pay the debt quickly. That’s why it is very important to check and review your financial standing as well as your capability to pay before taking advantage of payday loans. Only in this, will you enjoy its benefits and not be a long-term burden for you. This type of loan is also not advisable for people who are already in debt.

Other Options
Once that you have determined that you are financially incapable of paying a short term loan then you have to look for more suitable options to address your financial needs. There are other alternatives such as using the credit card or arrange for an overdraft facility with your bank or get hold of other short-term loan from your local credit union.

The Future is Always Bright 
Yes, times are tough and the economy is very volatile, there are months that we need quick fixes in order to survive but always remember to always be wise and discerning not to use Band-Aid solutions to resolve a long-term problem. We must be able to find long-term means to be financially stable in order to end the grim cycle of borrowing. Certainly, there is always a way out to any problem, you just have to be careful not to fall into the traps of easy solutions. Apply wisdom and practice caution all the time – this will surely help you rise above your financial crisis.