My Special Dress

I cannot believe that another Christmas season is again in full swing. Before I even know it, I am going to be putting makeup making myself ready for the New Year’s party. Oh, how much I adore this particular time of year! Even though the weather outside might not be as great as it is during summer months, I just love this time of year probably even more than I love summers.

It is one of my rules to buy at least one elegant dress per year. I sometimes like to be several evening dresses per year if I feel like it. Even though I already bought two evening attires during the last 12 months, something tells me that I am going to try to get my hands on another one. After all, I can never have too many evening dresses in my wardrobe. My bedroom, the room where I store all my clothes, is large enough to allow me to accommodate one more dress if I feel like it. There’s plenty of space there allowing me to fit anything I want. I am glad that this is the case and that I don’t have to worry about space ever since I moved into this property. I still remember living in a very small flat several years ago when I was rather limited when it comes to the number of evening dresses I was allowed to have. How happy I am that this day is already gone!

I will let you on a little secret of mine: I still haven’t made up my mind what type of color I will want to wear for this year’s New Year party. I am thinking about the color red, but maybe pink or orange is going to be an option as well. Last year I wore a fabulous green dress I really liked. The reason I chose not to wear it this year is that I rarely wear the same dress two times in a row.