How To Save Money On Outside Cleaning

Our outside cleaning has been hampered by our lack of energy and our time restraints. We, as a society, have become busier and busier, and our lives have been affected it. Coming home from work on a Friday night the last thing we want to do is clean our outdoor area. Even if the house is a rubbish tip, inside and outside, we’d rather sit in front of the TV and watch our favourite shows.

Whilst we may spend little time cleaning the inside of the house, it becomes extremely apparent that we just don’t like to clean the outside of our homes. It can be one massive job to clean outside. Our front and back yards need a lot of tools for upkeep to have it in pristine condition.


While it may be easier to pay someone to complete the tasks for you, it can become an incredibly expensive option. Whilst the work may get done, it can actually be more affordable to clean the outside of your home yourself. Despite what you may think it can be done effectively and quickly!

Cleaning your gutters

After the autumn season, accumulating leaves from your home and your neighbours will compile into your front and back yard. It can be incredibly annoying raking the leaves or using a leaf blower however, what usually happens is that winter comes and along with it, rain. This makes all the leaves difficult to rake and also clogs up your drainage and gutters, which can cause water damage to your home.

To avoid an expensive repair bill, the use of a pressure washer can be implemented to appropriately clear the drainage issues from occurring. Acquiring a pressure washer can be a great way to inexpensively clean your gutters, cars and driveway. They easily remove leaves, branches and random gunk from your outdoor areas. Checking and comparing prices of a pressure washer is a great way to help find the best product within your price range. Online shopping is a competitive market, so finding a pressure washer at an inexpensive cost is incredibly easy.

Outdoor Patios


When you’re inside for the winter, the last place you want to clean is the outdoor patio. Thinking “the rain is doing the job for me” isn’t the best way to go about it. Your patio and outdoor furniture becomes the best place for grit and muck to develop. Dirt, cobwebs and grease tend to grow incredibly easy on the patio areas as they tend to be undercover surfaces. It can be difficult to remove the grim and stains because it’s accumulated over a long duration.

We tend to try and get strong expensive chemical cleaners to remove the mold and stains in our furniture, with mixed results. However, you can make your own cleaners without spending a lot of money at all with a staple everyone has at home. Using a cup of baking soda and warm water you can create an easy solution. Using a brush that has been moistened in salt water, your patio furniture comes up sparkling clean without spending much money at all.

Outside cleaning can be a draining and costly chore however; it’s something you can’t neglect for too long. On the bright side it doesn’t need to be as hard or expensive as you think! Using your DIY knowledge and cost-saving measures, outside cleaning becomes an easy and affordable process that feels less strenuous and time consuming when done right.