Finding Scrubs For Work

Whether you’re a nurse or simply work in a medical office, you probably have to wear scrubs at some point. This is an outfit that consists of a top and pants. Sometimes, a jacket can be worn. The scrubs are worn for protection from bodily fluids and to give a professional appearance while in the medical environment. There are many designs when it comes to scrubs, such as cartoon characters if you work with children or flowers if you are working with elderly patients.

You can get cheap scrubs if you aren’t working with patients, but if you are moving a lot during the day and have a significant responsibility for patient care, then you need to invest a little more money. The quality of the clothing will be better, which will stand up to the fluids and movements that are performed while working with patients. Scrubs that are a little more expensive don’t tend to collect lint or fade as easily as others, either.

Think about the latest trends when it comes to what others in the office or hospital are wearing. There are stylish scrubs that co-workers might wear. Think about how much you want to fit in with others who work with you as you might want to blend in when it comes to your scrubs. However, you need to be comfortable while you’re at work as well. Some of the trendy scrubs are often reserved for those who work in an office and only deal with the paperwork and basic communications with patients.

There are several neck designs when it comes to scrubs. You won’t find a set style in this area, but if you’re working with patients and bending over during the day, then consider a cut that is straight across instead of a V-neck. Look at the pockets on the scrub top. Most come with a pocket either on the chest or at the waist area. Pockets are ideal for keeping a small notebook and pen on hand as well as the tools that you will need on a regular basis, such as a stethoscope or blood pressure cuff. The pockets will need to be deep enough to hold all of the items that you carry with you during the day.