How to Enhance Your Breasts the Natural Way

My breasts have always been on the smaller side. I have never really had any complexes related to my looks and breasts in particular, but from time to time I wished my breasts were slightly bigger. It’s not that anybody complained about their size, it’s just that I wanted them to be at least a bit bigger. This is when I became interested in natural.
After giving it some consideration and thought, I purchased a 3 bottle supplies from FemFigure just to give them a try. I bought them from their online website and wanted to try them out. I didn’t have any experience with natural ways to enhance breast and I really wanted to find out for myself if they actually work. Thanks to the good customer service of FemFigure, the bottles were delivered in a timely manner and I had no problems with my order whatsoever.

Once purchase is made a body analysis questionnaires were sent to me via e-mail. It is a way the consultant learn about our body type. Within 1-2 days later after the questionnaires has been submitted I receive a long list of carefully plan out instructions which include the whey protein dosage and high protein food that is suitable for my body type to go along with FemFigure Fem-G.

After finishing the first bottle recently I wanted to share with you the results. I am pleased to report that as soon as the first week ended I noticed my breasts firming up. What is more, my skin started to get smoother as well. Also, my hair and nails started to grow faster, which is good considering that I have always wanted my hair to be thicker.


I had a little bit of a problem on the 3rd week. My breasts started feeling very sore and at first I had no idea what to do about my predicament. I consulted FemFigure consultant and found out that the soreness is actually growing sign which is a positive outcome. For my part it lasted 3 days. It is not too bad, I am liking my breast soreness as it is a sign that FemFigure Fem-G is actually working for me.

I am very pleased to report that my breasts are now bigger than ever. I used to wear size B, but now for the very first time in my life I had to buy a C due to the new requirements that my new body posed on me. To sum things up, I am very excited with the results that I am getting.