Haute Couture Tour of Italy

Haute Couture Tour of Italy

For those who intend to visit the beautiful country of Italy this year, do not hesitate to visit the fashion shopping capital of Milan. Big name brands are on display here with gorgeous styles and bold fashions. With such a high rate of movement in the fashion world, Milan also holds a plethora of second-hand stores and outlets featuring garments that are barely months off the runway. Any overseas travelers who choose to visit Milan’s shopping area is sure to leave with plenty of choices for at least the next year to come in fashion.

Shopping in Milan

The best part about shopping in Milan’s beautiful marketplace is that all of the storefronts are located in one central square known as the Quadrilatero d’Oro, or “Rectangle of Gold”. As its name suggests, the ‘rectangle’ is laden with common names in fashion such as Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Prada, Armani, Cavalli, Versace, Hermes, Gianfrano Ferre and many more.
If you here to find a bargain, seek out second-hand and vintage shops in the area for end-of-season returns and catwalk cast-offs. The outlets around the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II are a great place to stop, in addition to Milan’s best-known outlet, II Salvagente, stacked with three floors of merchandise, sorted by size and color.

If you want to center your trip around your shopping, consider heading to Milan between early January and early February, or in late June and July. These are the best times to find the citywide ‘saldi’ or sales, that are sanctioned by the government and held twice a year. These sales are a fashion diva’s haven.

One of the only things I can tell you to keep in mind is that most of these locations do not offer any type of refunds, so certainly try before you buy and be careful when you do! If you know what to look for, shopping in Milan can be a dream come true for the budding fashionista or fashion blogger. If you’re starting to think taking a trip to Milan might be a good idea for you, start saving now! Even at 50-70% off regular value, some of the discounted prices in Milan may still make you gasp. Don’t give up and you too could end up finding that one item that makes your whole trip worthwhile!

Visit the Italian Grand Prix

For those visiting during the month of September, don’t miss the Italian Grand Prix. Watch the race in style and get close to the action. Tickets for this year’s Grand Prix are almost sold out and hotel accommodations such as the Hotel Duca di Mantova are almost booked. These 4 start hotels are VIP status and will gain you incredible hospitality privileges to, at and from the Grand Prix. Don’t miss out on your chance to visit the incredible Monza Circuit, which locals refer to as “The Magical Track”.

With amazing shopping and high-speed entertainment, a trip to Milan can be an incredible time. The location is always cheerful and jovial with a carefree yet social attitude. Don’t be afraid to explore!