5 Track Lighting Benefits

For those of us not really familiar with how to light up our home, lighting is lighting. You get a couple of lamps and some sconces and you call it a day. This just isn’t true. I mean yes, arranging some lamps and investing in new lighting fixtures in general is a smart choice, but there’s more to it than that.

Houses are being built in a new way now, with consideration being taken in for track and recessed lighting. Combined with our other lighting fixtures, we can turn our space into a swathing interior of light controlled by dimmer switches and from our very own smart phones. The technological world around us is transforming, and it’s about time we transformed with it.

Track lights 1

What is Track Lighting?

Most of us are used to flipping a switch or turning on a lamp when we enter a dark room. What we’re not so used to is being able to hide our light sources away or stylizing them in such a way as to where they add character to the architectural design of our home. We can do this with track lighting.

So what exactly is track lighting? Well, in a general sense, track lighting is a lighting system in which lights are connected to tracks that are modifiable. A more detailed definition of track lighting is that it is a number of lights attached to a light-fixture track powered by electrical conductors. Now you’re saying, Okay, so what are some of their benefits, isn’t that what this article is supposed to be about? No worries, I’m getting to it!

Benefit 1: Versatility

With a table or floor lamp you’re not offered much specialty. Yes, they’re transportable and some are adjustable, but it seems that their styles can quickly go out of fashion depending on the space they’re in or when your taste changes. This isn’t the case with track lighting. A well-designed track lighting system gives you the freedom to play with the direction of the lights and the fixture itself is available in different shapes; it’s not just one boring linear line.

Benefit 2: Saves Space

Wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps take up space on our floors walls and tables. We lose room in our interiors because of this and it makes the space feel cramped and small. Installing track lighting does away with these large and bulky items and gives us our rooms back. Up high and out of sight, you have more room to play and make the space your own.

Track Lights 2

Benefit 3: Easy Installation

Another bonus of track lighting is you don’t need a contractor or electrician to install it. All you have to do is follow the directions from its packaging and you’re good to go.

Benefit 4: Cost-Effective

Having to fill up your home with an array of lighting fixtures can get expensive fast. Unless you want to fill up your home with cheap plastic lamps that’ll fall apart and make the place look childish, your best option is to go with track lighting. It will provide the general overhead lighting you need and its adjustable light heads gives you the freedom to aim the light where you please.

Benefit 5: Energy Efficient

When you invest in an LED track lighting system, you’re saving both money and energy. Energy Star-rated track lighting systems use 75 percent less energy and last 25 times as long as the typical incandescent light bulb. If by 2027 people make the switch, it’s estimated that we can save as much as $30 billion in electricity! It’s a win-win!

Clearly, going with track lighting is the smart way to go: it’s the way of the future.