Create Your Own Unique Food Hamper Christmas Gift

Giving hampers as a Christmas gift is a popular choice thanks to the way they can so easily be customised to suit the recipient. There are lots of beautiful pre-filled hampers available, offering either a selection of seasonal products or a themed collection of foodie gifts. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for though, it’s easy and fun to make your own, and give your friends and loved ones a gift that’s unique and perfect for them.

Getting started: Find a container

Most Christmas hampers that you find in the shops are the traditional wicker variety, like the beautiful ready-made examples you’ll find at British Fine Foods, filled with delicious gourmet delicacies. This site also gives you the opportunity to create your own hamper, with a choice of luxury wicker baskets and the chance to pick a selection of food items from their range.

If you’re building your own hamper at home, you can get really creative. Any container will do: even an old cardboard box will look nice if you decorate it with pretty wrapping paper and ribbons. Or maybe think outside the box – for cooking enthusiasts, fill a wok or large saucepan with a selection of spices and oils; home bakers would love to receive a mixing bowl of new ingredients to try; afternoon tea enthusiasts may enjoy a tray packed with biscuits, preserves and herbal teas.

Decide on a theme

For some recipients, it’s easy to come up with a theme for your hamper gift. Maybe your dad is known for his love of red wine and cheese, or your sister is mad for chocolate of any kind, making it effortless to select some good quality products that tick all the right boxes. If you can’t come up with a theme related to their hobbies or favourite foods, you can always just go for a seasonal selection of festive foods which is sure to be appreciated over Christmas.

Fun hamper ideas to make Christmas gift giving easy this year

If you’re in need of inspiration for your Christmas hampers, we’ve come up with some quirky suggestions to help. Try one of these and put together a truly unique gift you won’t find in the shops!

For travellers: For any recipient who enjoys holidays and exploring the world, you could select traditional foods from some of the countries they’ve visited, such as Belgian chocolate, French cheese, Italian pasta, Scottish haggis. Theme your hamper to just one destination, or make it a ‘world tour’ in luxury food!

For tired parents: Most parents of young children will tell you that a glass of their favourite tipple at the end of a long day is a must! Pair gin, wine, cider or beer with other ‘adult only’ treats like liqueur chocolates, posh popcorn or anything else that the children won’t demand a share of, and give the grownups a present that’s just for them for a change.

For gym goers: If your loved one likes to take care of their health, pack them a hamper full of treats that won’t undo all their hard work at the gym. Take a look round your local health food shop, and select snacks like dried fruits, nuts, detox teas, vegetable crisps and more, for an organic energy boost.

For film lovers: Popcorn is a must, along with their favourite drink (alcoholic or not), and some sweet treats to enjoy alongside a movie. Crisps, sharing bags of chocolates and gourmet popcorn all make good choices, and if you’re feeling generous you could add a DVD or two, or even a voucher for the local cinema.

Homemade hampers are great because they allow you to buy to your budget, while still giving a thoughtful and considerate gift. There are lots more brilliant ideas online, including this great article at Frugal and Thriving, with tips for making your own items to go in the hamper too!