3 Creative Ways To Save Money On Your Holiday Shopping This Year

Have you started your holiday shopping? Chances are you’ve probably heard this question more than once in the past month. If you haven’t started yet, the good news is that the last two weeks before Christmas are when most retailers are offering deep discounts on popular products. The bad news is you’ll have lots of company in the stores! If you’re looking for other ways to cut costs on holiday gifts this season, there are a few creative ways to do it. Here are three tips for saving money during the busiest shopping time of the year.

Wait until just before Christmas to shop
The thought of visiting your local mall on the weekend before Christmas may be mildly terrifying if you don’t enjoy crowds. It goes without saying that you should expect the stores to be busy. However, as the holiday draws closer, retailers are interested in clearing their shelves of toys, electronics, and popular gift items to make way for next year’s stock. This means plenty of bargains for last minute shoppers. This strategy can help you save considerable money on holiday gifts for your family, but it’s important to remember that shopping the weekend prior to Christmas is certainly not for the faint of heart! Make sure you prepare yourself for long lines and large crowds.

Consider specialty shopping
Specialty shopping is often a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing items in a traditional store. To get the best bang for your buck just in time for Christmas, consider exploring the following avenues for your shopping needs: auction sites and wholesale stores. Many sellers on auction sites are offering brand new or gently used items at discounted rates. Popular sites such as Ebay and QuiBids offer everything from kids clothing to the latest tablet devices at cheaper rates than what you might find in a traditional store. Another option is shopping at a wholesale ecommerce site. Some wholesalers may require you to buy items in bulk, but they may offer up to 90% off the purchase price on certain products. Shopping wholesale is a great way to pick up stocking stuffers for the entire family at low prices!

Clip those coupons
Clipping coupons may not be the most creative way to save money on your holiday shopping, but this tried and true method is highly effective. If you’re interested in cutting costs, sign up for store email lists, purchase the Sunday newspaper and cut out coupons, and seek out coupon sites online that provide special percentage off codes and exclusive access to store deals. You can buy just about any gift you would need online, and save money by using something like a HSN discount code. A little due diligence can help you save big, especially when you’re hunting for specific items.

As an alternative, there are also a number of mobile applications available that offer special promotions to loyal shoppers. If you know you’re going to do most of your shopping in one place this year, it may be worth exploring your options for mobile discounts and loyalty programs. These programs can help you save money on gift items as well as things you’d purchase regularly.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to make a huge dent in your budget at the end of the year. There are several strategies for getting the best deals. Sometimes it’s all about timing. Waiting until the last minute often pays off. You can also explore non-traditional stores to do some comparison shopping or save up your coupons for deep discounts on popular gift items. Happy shopping!

Author Bio: Mark Miller is a writer and bargain shopper. He enjoys finding the best discounts on everything from holiday gifts to daily items. This year he’ll be purchasing all his stocking stuffers at Miami Wholesale Sunglasses.