Tumi Luggage: Perfect for Your Next Weekend Getaway

Most people love a little trip out of town, to get away from the hustle and bustle of stressors and the daily grind. However, your little respite should not have to include wrestling with your luggage or stuffing your bags so full they literally start bursting at the seams (not great for checking in your baggage at the airport). Yes, traveling is a wonderful experience, but what is not so great is having your luggage either too oversized for the airline’s luggage restrictions or impossible to wield through the busy airport due to faulty roller wheels or handle bars that refuse to cooperate. In such cases, perhaps looking into a brand like Tumi luggage would be well worth your time, money and efforts and reduce anxiety that often accompanies your race across the airport to catch your connecting flight. After all, you’ve only got a few minutes to board, so you don’t want to spend that precious time messing with your bags.

Tumi Luggage is world-renowned as one of the finest and refined pieces of luggage you can buy, sort of the Cadillac of suitcases. Yes, they might cost a little more than your Samsonite, but what you are purchasing is far more than a label; you are buying a product that is guaranteed for its quality and integrity. Most globetrotters will eventually discover luggage that wears well over time and travel, which is especially important in today’s often over-booked and busy flight schedules.

An interesting side note, the founder of Tumi Luggage decided upon its unique moniker from a Peruvian god he had learned about from his days working at the Peace Corps in South America. A ‘tumi’ is a ceremonial axe used during a festival celebrated to honor the sun by ancient Incans in which a priest would use the tumi to sacrifice a black or white llama. Of course, in more modern times, the name ‘Tumi’ has been associated with both quality and durable luggage, two essential ingredients for the world traveler.

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