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How To Fix and Flip a Property for Profit

Real estate is increasingly becoming a popular investment strategy. Every day, more people are jumping on the house flipping bandwagon, and for good reason. It is a lucrative market with the potential for high rates of return.

Elbow Grease

Flipping a property is certainly not for the light-hearted. To be successful, you have to be willing to invest not just money, but time and effort as well. Whether you plan to get your hands dirty with some of the work or hire contractors to make all the repairs, it will require your attention and availability.

There is any number of issues that may need to be addressed. You may find electrical or plumbing issues. You may need foundation work or crawl space repair Tulsa OK. If you are lucky, you may only need to make minimal updates to get it into good enough condition to sell quickly. If you need to make cosmetic updates, the most important areas to a buyer are the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up the look.

The Right One

One of the things that makes an investor anxious when shopping for a flip is the unending questions that go through their head. “Am I buying the right property? Will it sell quickly after I fix it? What if I can’t get the price I want for it and end up selling at a loss?”

Everyone has their doubts sometimes. All you can do as an investor is your own due diligence and research. Get help from Realtors, appraisers, and other professionals throughout the process. A good strategy when shopping for a flip is to find a property in a desirable location that needs some work. Once it is fixed up, it will be a shining gem for its next owner.

Which Lubricant Supplier Should You Choose?

When selecting a lubricant supplier VA, you need to evaluate a few categories. The main areas you should consider are application, formulas, and reliability. To choose the best supplier for you, you need to understand what goes into each of these areas. 


Since every application has its own requirements, you will need to evaluate each lubricant and see if it meets your demands. For instance, hydraulic lubricants will have different requirements than those that are used in compressors. To choose the right supplier, you need to evaluate your lubricants’ application and other factors in your field, such as if environmentally acceptable lubricants are required. 


Many machines and equipment can use different formulas to meet their lubrication requirements. In other words, depending on the requirements of your machinery, it is likely that you will be able to use different formulas to lube your equipment. The main differences in the formulas you choose are the features you expect from them. For instance, you may choose a semi-synthetic lubricant because it lasts longer than a mineral-based oil. Look for a supplier who has different formulas to make sure you are getting the best product for your machines at a reasonable price. 


When choosing a supplier, you need to consider the strength of their supply chain and how reliably they can produce goods. If you have a supplier with a solid supply chain, you can offer your product reliably. On the other hand, if you have a supplier with a poor supply chain, you may have trouble producing your goods. If your supply isn’t reliable, you may struggle to keep your customers coming back. Therefore, look for a company that can reliably provide you with lubricants. 

Selecting a supplier is an important step for your company. Identifying what you are looking for in a supplier is crucial. Remember that what you will use the lubricant for, the formula you are looking for, and the supplier’s reliability should all play into your decision. 

These products saw exploding demand after COVID-19

The Coronavirus crisis disrupted many things. One of these was consumer behavior. Consumers everywhere are finding new ways to adjust, connect, engage, and entertain. Since the start of the quarantines the demand for some product categories soared beyond all expectation. Here is a look.


Most schools and workplaces were closed in Q1 2020. Parents were faced with the new challenge of coping with work and parenting 24/7. To compensate for social isolation and lack of lack of contact with friends, “parents turned to toys for help.”

While most industries struggled with slumps in demand, toymakers faced a completely different kind of problem. They could not produce and supply fast enough. Research firm NDP stated in a June 2020 report that the US toy industry suddenly expanded from $256 million in January to $3.6 billion in March. Games, puzzles, and outdoor sports equipment contributed to 77% of the market expansion. Building sets, arts, and crafts accounted for the remaining 23%. Forbes reported that American puzzle-maker Ravensburger witnessed a 370% jump in year-on-year sales within two weeks in April. CNBC reported that the firm has been selling 20 puzzles per minute on average in 2020, compared to 7 puzzles per minute in 2019. In an interview with CNBC Ravensburger CEO Filip Franke stated that this was a first in the company’s 136 year history. Many toymakers employ migrant workers. For these migrants the priority is to transfer money back to their home countries as remittances. Workers in the toy industry did not just keep their jobs; they became busier than ever.

Home workout equipment

Most gyms and sports facilities were closed since the lockdowns. People were forced to stay indoors. As a result there was a massive spike in the sale of home workout equipment. Business Wire reported in May that fitness equipment sales grew by 170% during the lockdowns. A Digital Economy Index unveiled by Adobe in March shows that fitness product sales increased by 55% between March and June. Treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, and rowing machines were favorites. According to some reports the spike in sales of certain categories of fitness equipment was as high as 600%. Recent sales figures of products such as kettlebells, bikes, and jump ropes reflect the commitment that so many Americans have for fitness.

Game consoles

Games were not just a source of necessary distraction. During the lockdowns some video games actually helped players connect with others online. CNBC released a report in June on how Nintendo Switch gaming consoles were “flying off the shelves”. Japanese gaming giant Nintendo witnessed a sudden surge in sales with the release of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’. The interactive game allows players to meet others virtually, while collecting and building things in a fantasy world. The need for interaction certainly fueled part of the game sales frenzy. Nintendo’s profits on its popular Switch console doubled in March compared to the same period in 2019. Other gaming bigwigs like Sony also benefitted. In anticipation of a spike in demand for its PlayStation 5 consoles Sony shipped 50% more units than initially planned.

DIY home improvement and hardware

Since the lockdowns most of us have been spending unprecedented amounts of time at home. Our homes doubled as workplaces, schools, gyms, studios, dens, laboratories, and much more. More Americans saw it fit to take up DIY home improvement projects. Yahoo! Finance reported that home centers, garden centers, hardware stores, and building materials suppliers realized a year-on-year sales increase of 22.6%. A study by market research firm Consumer Specialists found that 57% of homeowners prioritized home improvement during the first 3 months of COVID-19 lockdowns.

More time spent at home created the need for dedicated spaces like playhouses and home offices. A September report by NPR said that 3 out of 4 homeowners have completed a home improvement project since the onset of the pandemic. The highest sales surge was in outdoor living products. Americans took to converting their backyards into controlled outdoor environments for a variety of uses. This trend is expected to continue. 78% of homeowners said they plan to start a home improvement project in the next 12 months.

Garden supplies

The terrifying sight of empty store shelves fueled the widespread fear of the shortage of essentials. Many responded by growing their own stuff. Americans planted a range of edible items like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. Many opted for more aesthetic alternatives such as tulips. A massive increase in the sale of plants, seeds, and bulbs created a temporary shortage of gardening supplies. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds in Mansfield, Missouri received over 10,000 orders. This was 10 times its regular volume, and an unprecedented increase in its 22-year history. Another plant seller reported that people were not just buying seeds for growing food. “It’s flowers, herbs, everything is selling at unbelievable rates”. According to the Washington Post home gardening became a form of therapy during the lockdowns. Some of the largest sellers of vegetable and flower seeds in the US ran out of stock.

Home design items

With more time spent indoors it became imperative to upgrade comfort, cleanliness, and decor. Forbes reported that luxury consignment retailer The RealReal witnessed a 23% week-over-week increase in sales since the start of the lockdowns. Online furniture and home renovation shop Wayfair saw massive demand for kitchen items and soft goods. Beddings, towels, mattresses, napkins, plates, placemats, and a range of other items were sold in much higher volumes than usual. Forbes attributes this trend to more people cooking and eating at home. Sales of items in the house and art category jumped 16% year-on-year between March and June.

Concluding thoughts

Analysts are predicting that the current trend will impact the market for years. Social distancing is certainly still on. There is a bigger picture too. Market trends are simply a reflection of the shift in the ideology of Americans. There is a definite preference for higher self-reliance. It is good to see people taking charge of their bodies and their lives. In the view of many, the improvements were long overdue.

About the author:

Hemant G is a contributing writer at Sparkwebs LLC, a Digital and Content Marketing Agency. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel, scuba dive, and watch documentaries.


Reasons to Have Leggings

Uѕuаllу wоmеn mіѕundеrѕtаnd thе соnсерt of lеggіngѕ such as those sexy thigh high sock leggings аnd оftеn tеrm thеm as раntѕ оr tіghtѕ. Nо doubt, bоth are designed tо stay close tо the skin аnd аrе ѕоmеwhаt ѕіmіlаr іn арреаrаnсе, but thеrе іѕ a bіg dіffеrеnсе bеtwееn thе twо. Sо fоr аll those lаdіеѕ who саll lеggіngѕ as tіghtѕ, іt’ѕ time to correct уоurѕеlf bесаuѕе your leggings аrе not tights оr раntѕ.

Hаvіng the ѕаmе lооk dоеѕ nоt mеаn thаt thе twо аrе sisters аnd possess thе ѕаmе ԛuаlіtіеѕ. Thеrе is аn аrrау оf thіngѕ which differentiates thе two from each оthеr. Bеlоw іѕ a brief dіѕсuѕѕіоn оn ѕоmе оf thе mаjоr dіffеrеnсеѕ thаt sets them apart.

Dіffеrеnсе 1: Thе tуре of mаtеrіаl uѕеd for mаnufасturіng lеggіngѕ including workout leggings from Bombshell Sportswear is еntіrеlу dіffеrеnt frоm thаt оf tіghtѕ. The соlоrful rаngе оf the bеѕt lеggіngѕ fоr wоmеn аrе produced from a thick mаtеrіаl ѕuсh as nуlоn and соttоn etc., whеrеаѕ thеѕе tіghtѕ аrе made of a comparatively light аnd almost see-through material. Thіѕ makes thе twо a соmрlеtеlу different type of lоwеrѕ.

Dіffеrеnсе 2: Thе ѕесоnd thіng which makes them dіffеrеnt is thеіr оvеrаll dеѕіgnіng. Lеggіngѕ аrе fооt-lеѕѕ аnd can vаrу drаmаtісаllу as соmраrеd tо tights. These come wіth thісk wаіѕtbаndѕ, rеіnfоrсеd сrоtсhеѕ and ѕtruсturеd seats. On thе оthеr hаnd, tіghtѕ are асtuаllу meant fоr wеаrіng underneath thе сlоthеѕ so thеу ѕtrеtсh оvеr thе feet and rеасh uр tо уоur wаіѕt, gіvіng a ѕосk like appeal.

Dіffеrеnсе 3: Tіghtѕ аrе always wоrn with something covering іt due to іtѕ sheer mаtеrіаl аnd оftеn lооk chic whеn раіrеd wіth dresses and ѕkіrtѕ. These can еxсеllеntlу ассеntuаtе уоur body соntоurѕ bесаuѕе оf their figure-hugging property. On thе соntrаrу, leggings are not аlwауѕ huggіng, but are mоrе trеndу аѕ compared tо tіghtѕ. Yоu саn shop for thеm in a rаngе of ѕtуlеѕ, colors and раttеrnѕ аnd can роrtrау your stylish lооkѕ аnуtіmе and аnуwhеrе.

Dіffеrеnсе 4: Lеggіngѕ such as thigh high leggings аrе bеѕt раіrеd wіth tunісѕ, ѕwеаtеrѕ оr dresses, lоng еnоugh tо соvеr уоur butt аrеаѕ аnd саn be worn wіth any type of fооtwеаr frоm hееlѕ tо flаtѕ. Unlike leggings, tights аrе usually preferred wіth thе ѕhоrt skirts аnd drеѕѕеѕ аnd look perfect with ballet flаtѕ or boots.

Dіffеrеnсе 5: Whеn talking about the lеggіngѕ, these can bе bought іn vаrіоuѕ ѕtуlеѕ аnd lеngthѕ tо suit уоur different drеѕѕ rеԛuіrеmеntѕ. Tights, on thе оthеr hаnd, are juѕt thе іnnеr-wеаrѕ whісh аrе wоrn tо support the mаіn drеѕѕ оr ѕоmеtіmеѕ аѕ аn undеrgаrmеnt only.

Why Buy Children’s Clothing from Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits to purchasing high-quality clothing from small businesses or independent designers for your child or infant. You’ll be able to pass the clothes down from one child to another, as well as possibly consigning them after your children outgrow them. You’ll know that you’re not contributing to global warming any more than necessary. And you can ensure that your children are wearing comfortable, unique clothing that will stand up to them running, playing, and moving about comfortably. 

High-quality kids clothing, such as Indikidual baby & children’s clothing, offer the following features that both parents and kids can appreciate:  

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Options

The clothing industry and fast fashion are responsible for a large number of global carbon emissions each year. When you opt, instead, for ethical and sustainable clothing options, you’re limiting the amount that your family is contributing to these serious climate issues. Sustainable clothing is produced using renewable energy to run factories, using fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. They also focus on using less water, fair labor practices, and reducing the amount of packaging used to ship their products. Sustainable brands focus on producing baby and kids’ clothing that is attractive, durable, and has less of a negative impact on the planet. 

Buying local is another way to buy clothing in a sustainable way. Research local artists and designers who make kids’ clothing and find out how to purchase from them and contribute to their small businesses. 

Gender Neutral Selections

When you enter a children’s’ clothing store or shop online, you’re greeted by a sea of pink and blue. If you’d prefer to select clothing for your young child that is more gender-neutral, Indikidual has a wide variety of options available. Whether you’re interested in a fun fruit print, earth-tone clothing decorated with friendly animals, or reversible sweatshirts adorned with geometric patterns, you’ll find it here. Choosing high-quality gender-neutral clothing options for your child also allows you to pass the clothes down from one sibling to another, or share your hand-me-downs with another family if that works out well for you. This is another great way to break the cycle of fast fashion and help the planet while buying a high quality, comfortable item of clothing for your child. 

Unique Patterns

If you want a clothing item for your little one that’s different from what you’ll find on the racks at every big box store, you may have to shop a bit more creatively. When you visit boutique retailers with thoughtful clothing options, the first thing you’ll notice is the wide selection of unique prints, colors, and patterns available. Dress your child in style from head to toe with these attractive prints, no matter the season. They’re sure to be cozy and comfortable in some of the best options available each season. 

Hand-Drawn Designs

When you want updated patterns and styles for each season of the year, created by independent designers, check out a local or online boutique shop. Each item is created to encourage imaginative play, keeping your children amused and entertained. Whether they’re enjoying bananas, mushrooms, or a Yeti – you can find unique and creative styles that you won’t find at the big box stores. The patterns carry through across a variety of items, allowing you to select matching pants, shirts, hats, socks, and more based on your preferences and the preferences of your child. 

When it’s time to purchase clothing for your baby or toddler, consider the high-quality items offered by boutique retailers. You can select hooded sweatshirts, infant tees, pants, jumpsuits, and more. Choose from gender-neutral selections, or opt for something that’s pink or blue if that’s your preference. Select from a wide variety of unique patterns and prints, so that your child is always comfortable and in style.

Tips on Choosing the Best Storage Unit to Rent

American consumers spend over $39 billion on storage unit rentals every year. Having a storage unit is crucial when trying to get rid of clutter. However, you may be surprised to learn just how many different companies rent storage units. Rushing through the decision regarding which storage unit to rent can come back to haunt you in the long run.

Taking the time to research all of the storage units in your area is a good idea. With the information from this research, you can start to narrow down the list of units at your disposal. Here are some things you have to consider before renting a storage unit in your area.

Choose a Storage Facility With Great Security

Trying to choose a storage facility without getting a firsthand look at it can be difficult. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake due to a lack of information. This is why you need to go and visit the various storage units in your area before making a decision. During a visit to a storage facility, be sure to pay attention to the security measures they have in place

Selecting affordable storage near me that has security cameras and an access control system in place is crucial. With these security tools in place, you can leave your possessions in a facility without worry. Even if you have to pay more for a storage facility with top-notch security, it will be worth it considering the problems it can help you avoid.

The Size of the Storage Unit Matters

Before you go out in search of a storage unit, you need to get information about how many items you need to store. Having this information can help you start to narrow down the selection of storage units in your area. Getting a unit that is a bit bigger than you need is a wise move that can help you avoid headaches in the future.


If you’ve grown tired of shaving or you dread waxing because of the pain, you’ve probably already considered laser hair removal. But if there’s a chance you’re putting it off because you “read something somewhere” or heard a concerning story from “ a friend of a friend,” it’s time to learn the facts about laser treatments.

<Myth #1: It’s not Permanent>

The truth is that laser hair removal’s biggest draw is actually the permanence of the treatment. Except for the hair on women’s faces (due to hormones), lasers are designed to permanently remove hair on the body. The laser destroys hair follicles, which won’t regenerate in areas like the bikini area, underarms, and the lower legs. The laser must target the follicle while it’s in a growing stage, and it may take six or more sessions to completely remove the hair, but you should see permanent results over a period of time.

<Myth #2: It Can Damage Your Skin>

Laser hair removal is actually one of the safest methods of hair removal. A professionally trained esthetician who knows how to correctly operate the laser can offer a safe experience that will absolutely not damage your skin. If improper settings are used, or if you’re taking certain medications, there’s a chance the laser can burn the skin. That’s why there are guidelines in place you must follow before you arrive for your appointment, and why you should always let your esthetician know which medications you’re taking.

“You want to choose a qualified, professional esthetician who will get to know you first, walk you through the treatments, and create a treatment plan that works for you and your skin.

Laser done right means a safe, comfortable, and private experience for you.  

<Myth #3: It’s Painful>

It’s likely you believe laser hair removal is painful because you don’t understand enough about the treatment or have read misinformation about lasers. Laser hair removal uses short wavelength UV light directed at hair follicles. When melanin in the follicles absorb the light, it converts into heat and destroys the root. The surrounding cells are left unharmed. The level of discomfort is compared to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin. Some newer model lasers blast cool air at the same time the laser light is directed at the follicle, minimizing the already mild discomfort even further.

<Myth #4: It Won’t Work for Certain Skin or Hair Colors>

The myth about how lasers won’t work for darker skin or light hair have been around for ages. But even if the hair on your head is light, there may be other areas of the body where it’s darker (like the bikini region). And it’s possible that light hair can have a dark root.

Additionally, advances in technology have led to the development of lasers such as Nd:YAG that are highly sensitive to all hair colors and skin melanin, due to their use of longer wavelengths.

“Modern technology has made any concerns about laser for darker skin tones a thing of the past.”

<Myth #5: It’s Too Costly>

It’s time to take out your calculator. How much have you invested in razors, blades, shaving cream, chemical hair removers, or waxing over the years? And the expenses will continue to add up because you can’t achieve permanent hair removal with shaving or waxing. In about six to nine sessions of laser hair removal, you’ll likely be free of unwanted hair – and free to spend all that extra time doing anything other than shaving or waxing.

<Myth #6: It’s Too Time-Consuming>

Yes, you will have to return for a handful of sessions to achieve permanent results, but each visit only requires 35 minutes at most. Smaller regions of the body (like the underarms or bikini area) take only 3-5 minutes to treat, while larger areas need more time.

The reason why there’s no way to determine the exact number of sessions you need is due to the variance in the number of hair follicles above the surface at any one time. When a new section of hair follicles have grown, that’s the time to come in for a treatment. You’ll be done with the process once all dormant hair follicles have surfaced and have been treated. Once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll be saving time in the long run without needing to factor shaving into your routine any more.

<Safe and Effective Laser Hair Removal in Manhattan>

Now that we’ve dispelled the myths, find out why so many people are choosing laser hair removal as their method of choice for parting with unwanted hair. To learn more about your own skin and the best laser treatment for your needs, or to schedule an appointment for laser hair removal in Manhattan, visit


Delightfully Designed Homes

Entertaining at Home and Extraordinary Designs

You can have your home be perfectly designed to match your entertainment style. If you are a household that delights in entertaining, you may be interested in some home design tips that will include some entertainment space within it.

Entertaining at home is a priority for many. Any design plan for a home can be customized to match your entertaining goals. Imagine yourself serving stunning and delightful treats such as iced coffees or frappes, using frappe bases, to each of your guests in your perfectly designed space.

You can enjoy years of future entertainment in your own home if you take the time to incorporate a stunning home design plan that will incorporate grand entertainment areas. An extraordinary home design is within your reach with thought and added style. You can form a picture in your mind of your future home entertaining activities and get a picture of your design needs and wants.

The Home of Your Dreams

If you are having your home built, it will be important to place consideration into your particular lifestyle. Many homebodies love to do their entertaining right at home. Some homeowners love to incorporate a fabulous design to accommodate their entertainment activities.

Keep in mind that there are many different ways to entertain in any home and quality entertainment in a home will never go out of style. During the design process, it will be a good idea to place consideration into separate spaces, any needed equipment, furniture pieces, and the arrangement style.

The dream home is going to differ from each household. There is not one defined home plan to meet the entertainment needs of every household. A delightfully designed house, that incorporates entertainment space, is going to be a very individual endeavor for each home. There are some useful tips to help facilitate the design process for those prospective homeowners who desire to include entertainment space in their home design plan. The home of your dreams will be suited for your household lifestyle and it will offer years of entertainment opportunities because the design can match your entertainment needs.

The House Design: Tips to Include Entertainment Space

Home design tips that incorporate space for entertainment. There are many things to consider during the design phase of a house. The following items and tips will be useful to those who would like to include entertainment space into the house design:

  • the dining area – dining space is viewed as an asset to a home. If your goal is to host dinner parties, the design plan will need to incorporate appropriate space for dining entertainment
  • hosting guests overnight – if you are planning on having guests spend the night, you will need to incorporate appropriate sleeping spaces into the house design. Entertaining ought to include comfort and convenience within the design plan
  • outside space – if you intend on hosting outdoor gatherings, you will want to include the yard into the design plan. Consider your options carefully. You might want to incorporate additional patio designs. Covered porches tend to add to the ambiance of any gathering. The house design can incorporate a smooth and graceful transition into the outside entertainment area
  • a dedicated room – the living room is often the dedicated room in terms of entertainment needs. If you would like to host your gatherings in the living room, this area will need added attention within the design. Consider the type of furniture that will be suited in the dedicated space. Will it be filled with tables for coffee and desert gatherings or for playing various games? The main room for hosting gatherings will need to accommodate the right amount of guests. The size will be a factor in the design. The type of entertaining will need to be taken into consideration. You will want the furniture to match the design.

Entertaining in the Home: Many Future Opportunities

When your home has been delightfully designed, with entertainment space incorporated, your household will be filled with many future entertainment opportunities. You can count on many comfortable gatherings in your own home when you place consideration into the design process.

A Texan’s Home Cleaning Guide

Whether you are working on home cleaning or cleaning for any other reason, it can be important to clean your home a little differently based on where you live. Texas is hot, dusty, and humid. Because of this, you will need to clean differently than you would have to clean a home in Alaska or Maine. Below are some home cleaning tips specific to Texas to keep your home looking great and feeling comfortable.

Clean Carpets 

When you’re tracking in mud and dirt, you are going to need to clean the carpet often. This doesn’t just include vacuuming often but doing deep cleaning (with carpet shampoo, etc.) as well. Depending on how many carpets you have in your home, you may want to invest in a carpet steam cleaner. However, if you don’t have many carpets, then it might be in your best interest to rent a cleaner, or hire a cleaning service like WOW Total Cleaning. If you want to rent a carpet cleaner or hire someone to clean your carpets for you, where should you look? Searching online is one of the easiest ways to find this. Simply search for your city and carpet cleaning, like Austin carpet cleaning.

Replace Air Filters

Having working air conditioners is key to living comfortably in Texas. One of the best things you can do to keep your air conditioner working well (and clean) is to replace the filter in your air conditioner. Generally speaking, you should replace your air filters every ninety days, or about every three months. This can both help to keep the air quality in your home better and to keep your home cooler. If you are not using your air conditioner often, you may be able to get away with replacing the filter less often. However, check your air conditioner guide to find out.

Wash Windows

The dust and grime of Texas can sometimes show itself well on your windows. So, you should try to clean your windows as often as needed. Unlike with air conditioners, there’s not really a set time when you should clean your windows. Instead, all you have to do is clean them whenever you need to. To get the best results, try to use streak-free cleaners. Another way to get fewer streaks when cleaning your windows is to wipe the windows with old newspapers, rather than with cloths. You’d be amazed at the difference it can make!

Try these three things to make your home a little cleaner. These tips can also make your home less dusty and make the air cleaner as well!

3 Great Curb Appeal Tricks for Commercial Properties

Wondering how you can give your commercial space a quick makeover? Here are three curb appeal tricks that make your business look more inviting to every customer who stops by.

1. Keep a Clean Exterior

Curb appeal at its most basic level is about making a property, whether commercial or residential, look it’s best. Keeping your commercial space clean goes a long way into creating the curb appeal that will set your business apart from the rest. Hire a weekly service to remove trash and perform regular street sweeping Washington. Delegating this work to a professional service allows you to focus on growing your business, instead of maintaining the property.

2. Add Color

The easiest way to inject some personality and life into your commercial space is by adding colorful landscape. Luckily, there are easy ways to do this even if you don’t have a lot of green space to fill with flowers and plants. Simply install planter boxes next to your entry door, or you could put up some hanging flower baskets if you have an awning, pergola or overhang over the entry. It’s a quick way to make your entryway a colorful focal point that will draw in visitors.

3. Install Decorations

Customers remember the little touches that make your shop unique from all others, and interesting seasonal decorations go a long way in making a memorable impression. Take a look on Pinterest to see some of the hottest retail decoration trends and invest in some decorations that will look great on your business. Be sure to take decorations down after holidays or when the seasons change, since leaving them up too long can make a business look disorganized.

It’s not difficult to maintain your commercial property so that it looks great for all customers who stop and shop. Follow these tips and you’ll give your business the curb appeal it needs to give customers a pleasant shopping experience.