3 Great Curb Appeal Tricks for Commercial Properties

Wondering how you can give your commercial space a quick makeover? Here are three curb appeal tricks that make your business look more inviting to every customer who stops by.

1. Keep a Clean Exterior

Curb appeal at its most basic level is about making a property, whether commercial or residential, look it’s best. Keeping your commercial space clean goes a long way into creating the curb appeal that will set your business apart from the rest. Hire a weekly service to remove trash and perform regular street sweeping Washington. Delegating this work to a professional service allows you to focus on growing your business, instead of maintaining the property.

2. Add Color

The easiest way to inject some personality and life into your commercial space is by adding colorful landscape. Luckily, there are easy ways to do this even if you don’t have a lot of green space to fill with flowers and plants. Simply install planter boxes next to your entry door, or you could put up some hanging flower baskets if you have an awning, pergola or overhang over the entry. It’s a quick way to make your entryway a colorful focal point that will draw in visitors.

3. Install Decorations

Customers remember the little touches that make your shop unique from all others, and interesting seasonal decorations go a long way in making a memorable impression. Take a look on Pinterest to see some of the hottest retail decoration trends and invest in some decorations that will look great on your business. Be sure to take decorations down after holidays or when the seasons change, since leaving them up too long can make a business look disorganized.

It’s not difficult to maintain your commercial property so that it looks great for all customers who stop and shop. Follow these tips and you’ll give your business the curb appeal it needs to give customers a pleasant shopping experience.