3 Ways To Winterize Your Home

Before Old Man Winter’s first frost settles around you, check your home out with a critical eye to see what you can do to protect the building against the long, cold ahead. The maintenance tasks require more than walking around your house and putting summer lawn chairs into the garage. Here are three ideas to get you started.

1. Roof

Your family’s safety inside your home during winter’s snowstorms can depend on the roof. The falling and melting flakes can create a scenario that makes the snow very heavy, causing severe damage if your house can’t support the weight. To find out how much ice weight burden the house can take, contact a snow load calculator company. Being prepared with knowledge can prevent roof failure.

2. Windows

If your home has storm windows, installing the wooden protections can keep the panes in one piece during torrential winds. Securing weather strips around the exterior windows frames can keep the cold air out and warmth in, as can caulking around the panes inside the frame. Storm doors are also essential in areas with heavy rains, and the doors should be installed before the first snowfall.

3. Heating

Your heating system is essential to warmth during the long, cold days and nights of winter. Cleaning your fireplace of creosote can help prevent chimney fires, so call in a chimney sweep each year to protect your home. An inspection of the house’s furnace can also prevent failure during freezing weather. Remember to change your filters to allow warm air’s free flow through your home.

You can protect your home from winter damage by performing some simple maintenance tasks before heavy weather arrives. These three chores are critical to your family’s safety and can get you started in making your home secure for the long winter to come.