Why Buy Children’s Clothing from Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits to purchasing high-quality clothing from small businesses or independent designers for your child or infant. You’ll be able to pass the clothes down from one child to another, as well as possibly consigning them after your children outgrow them. You’ll know that you’re not contributing to global warming any more than necessary. And you can ensure that your children are wearing comfortable, unique clothing that will stand up to them running, playing, and moving about comfortably. 

High-quality kids clothing, such as Indikidual baby & children’s clothing, offer the following features that both parents and kids can appreciate:  

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Options

The clothing industry and fast fashion are responsible for a large number of global carbon emissions each year. When you opt, instead, for ethical and sustainable clothing options, you’re limiting the amount that your family is contributing to these serious climate issues. Sustainable clothing is produced using renewable energy to run factories, using fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. They also focus on using less water, fair labor practices, and reducing the amount of packaging used to ship their products. Sustainable brands focus on producing baby and kids’ clothing that is attractive, durable, and has less of a negative impact on the planet. 

Buying local is another way to buy clothing in a sustainable way. Research local artists and designers who make kids’ clothing and find out how to purchase from them and contribute to their small businesses. 

Gender Neutral Selections

When you enter a children’s’ clothing store or shop online, you’re greeted by a sea of pink and blue. If you’d prefer to select clothing for your young child that is more gender-neutral, Indikidual has a wide variety of options available. Whether you’re interested in a fun fruit print, earth-tone clothing decorated with friendly animals, or reversible sweatshirts adorned with geometric patterns, you’ll find it here. Choosing high-quality gender-neutral clothing options for your child also allows you to pass the clothes down from one sibling to another, or share your hand-me-downs with another family if that works out well for you. This is another great way to break the cycle of fast fashion and help the planet while buying a high quality, comfortable item of clothing for your child. 

Unique Patterns

If you want a clothing item for your little one that’s different from what you’ll find on the racks at every big box store, you may have to shop a bit more creatively. When you visit boutique retailers with thoughtful clothing options, the first thing you’ll notice is the wide selection of unique prints, colors, and patterns available. Dress your child in style from head to toe with these attractive prints, no matter the season. They’re sure to be cozy and comfortable in some of the best options available each season. 

Hand-Drawn Designs

When you want updated patterns and styles for each season of the year, created by independent designers, check out a local or online boutique shop. Each item is created to encourage imaginative play, keeping your children amused and entertained. Whether they’re enjoying bananas, mushrooms, or a Yeti – you can find unique and creative styles that you won’t find at the big box stores. The patterns carry through across a variety of items, allowing you to select matching pants, shirts, hats, socks, and more based on your preferences and the preferences of your child. 

When it’s time to purchase clothing for your baby or toddler, consider the high-quality items offered by boutique retailers. You can select hooded sweatshirts, infant tees, pants, jumpsuits, and more. Choose from gender-neutral selections, or opt for something that’s pink or blue if that’s your preference. Select from a wide variety of unique patterns and prints, so that your child is always comfortable and in style.