If you’ve grown tired of shaving or you dread waxing because of the pain, you’ve probably already considered laser hair removal. But if there’s a chance you’re putting it off because you “read something somewhere” or heard a concerning story from “ a friend of a friend,” it’s time to learn the facts about laser treatments.

<Myth #1: It’s not Permanent>

The truth is that laser hair removal’s biggest draw is actually the permanence of the treatment. Except for the hair on women’s faces (due to hormones), lasers are designed to permanently remove hair on the body. The laser destroys hair follicles, which won’t regenerate in areas like the bikini area, underarms, and the lower legs. The laser must target the follicle while it’s in a growing stage, and it may take six or more sessions to completely remove the hair, but you should see permanent results over a period of time.

<Myth #2: It Can Damage Your Skin>

Laser hair removal is actually one of the safest methods of hair removal. A professionally trained esthetician who knows how to correctly operate the laser can offer a safe experience that will absolutely not damage your skin. If improper settings are used, or if you’re taking certain medications, there’s a chance the laser can burn the skin. That’s why there are guidelines in place you must follow before you arrive for your appointment, and why you should always let your esthetician know which medications you’re taking.

“You want to choose a qualified, professional esthetician who will get to know you first, walk you through the treatments, and create a treatment plan that works for you and your skin.

Laser done right means a safe, comfortable, and private experience for you.  

<Myth #3: It’s Painful>

It’s likely you believe laser hair removal is painful because you don’t understand enough about the treatment or have read misinformation about lasers. Laser hair removal uses short wavelength UV light directed at hair follicles. When melanin in the follicles absorb the light, it converts into heat and destroys the root. The surrounding cells are left unharmed. The level of discomfort is compared to that of a rubber band snapping against your skin. Some newer model lasers blast cool air at the same time the laser light is directed at the follicle, minimizing the already mild discomfort even further.

<Myth #4: It Won’t Work for Certain Skin or Hair Colors>

The myth about how lasers won’t work for darker skin or light hair have been around for ages. But even if the hair on your head is light, there may be other areas of the body where it’s darker (like the bikini region). And it’s possible that light hair can have a dark root.

Additionally, advances in technology have led to the development of lasers such as Nd:YAG that are highly sensitive to all hair colors and skin melanin, due to their use of longer wavelengths.

“Modern technology has made any concerns about laser for darker skin tones a thing of the past.”

<Myth #5: It’s Too Costly>

It’s time to take out your calculator. How much have you invested in razors, blades, shaving cream, chemical hair removers, or waxing over the years? And the expenses will continue to add up because you can’t achieve permanent hair removal with shaving or waxing. In about six to nine sessions of laser hair removal, you’ll likely be free of unwanted hair – and free to spend all that extra time doing anything other than shaving or waxing.

<Myth #6: It’s Too Time-Consuming>

Yes, you will have to return for a handful of sessions to achieve permanent results, but each visit only requires 35 minutes at most. Smaller regions of the body (like the underarms or bikini area) take only 3-5 minutes to treat, while larger areas need more time.

The reason why there’s no way to determine the exact number of sessions you need is due to the variance in the number of hair follicles above the surface at any one time. When a new section of hair follicles have grown, that’s the time to come in for a treatment. You’ll be done with the process once all dormant hair follicles have surfaced and have been treated. Once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll be saving time in the long run without needing to factor shaving into your routine any more.

<Safe and Effective Laser Hair Removal in Manhattan>

Now that we’ve dispelled the myths, find out why so many people are choosing laser hair removal as their method of choice for parting with unwanted hair. To learn more about your own skin and the best laser treatment for your needs, or to schedule an appointment for laser hair removal in Manhattan, visit