Your Own Style

Everyone likes T shirts. Well, almost everyone. They’re comfortable, useful and suitable for every occasion except when you need to be dressed-up. They can be work with shorts or slacks, under a sport coat or on the golf course, and they make great gifts. There are companies that sell customized T shirts online, and you can add logos, witty sayings, photos, brand names, event names and personal names.


If you have a blog or small business and are looking for a way to attract customers and advertise without spending a fortune, customized T shirts are for you. The shirts are available in bulk and you can sell them on your website or give them away for free as advertisement. Be sure to inform all your followers on social media that you are giving away free T shirts with your logo as a marketing strategy. They will tell their friends and soon, you’ll be in demand.


Customized T shirts can be printed in bulk and sold to raise funds for a worthy cause. Your own artwork, photographs, quotes and logos can be uploaded and printed on T shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts. You can take them to different shops to sell for a fundraising activity or sell them online.

Your Own Fashion House

If you have good ideas for designs and sayings, you can start your own fashion line of shirts and make money while having fun. Along with shirts you can personalize baseball caps, travel bags, backpacks, sports jerseys, hoodies and more. Who knows, your shirts may go viral online and you get thousands of orders.

Gifts and Party Favors

If you are looking for something unique as favors for your wedding, try customized T shirts. It may take a little time to select the right size for each guest, but it will be worth it when you see their happiness when they receive something memorable, with your wedding date, and useful. It is an inexpensive way to express your sense of humor.

Considered the most popular customized gift in the world, T shirts come in an infinite variety of colors and styles. Children love customized clothing that displays their favorite toy or photograph. Customized polo shirts are great gifts for any man who loves to golf. It’s very prestigious to have a customized shirt on the green.

You don’t need to stop with clothing. Reusable water bottles, and carrying bags can be personalized, and even jewelry can include names dates and short messages.