Websites Worth Visiting

As you may know, there are millions or even billions of webpages on the Internet. As a matter of fact, according to latest data the Indexed Web contains over 9 billion pages. That is a staggering amount and no web surfer is ever going to have enough time to visit all of these pages. In this post I would like to list a few types of websites that I find very useful and I would like to present them to my readers:

-The first type of website I visit daily is my email service. There are at least a few good email services out there and I think that this is perhaps the most useful type of site out there.

-Other websites that I visit often are news sites. Many internet users do not know that some news sites allow you to customize which news is going to appear and in which order. So for example you may decide that you want to see a lot of news articles about technology, but only few articles about health. If you for example do not like hearing about celebrities, then you can prevent such type of news from appearing completely.

-Whenever I have some spare time and I want to relax I often like to browser video hosting websites. Personally, I like to watch short funny clips that cheer me up. However, there is also a lot heavier stuff out there like for instance philosophical debates.

-If I feel like I want to get entertained, then I sometimes visit sites that feature games that can be played from a browser. With a quick internet connection such games load within a few seconds, but can entertain a person for some time.
These are just a few types of sites that I visit and I hope that I gave you some ideas on which sites may be worth visiting. Feel free to leave a comment sharing the types of sites that you like to visit.