The powerful anabolic properties of Booster Steroids

Even if you are not associated with body building or mass gaining you would have definitely known about steroids. Methandrostenolone, an anabolic drug that is most commonly referred to as Anabol or Dianabol is being used by bodybuilders since its introduction in 1958. This steroid contains certain anabolic properties that can help bodybuilders to gain strength as well as add some muscle mass. Commonly known as “Dbol”, this anabolic steroid was created in Germany for the basic purpose to help people enhance their performance level. This is an oral compound that is best used in combination with injectable steroids, but can also be of significant importance if consumed alone. It is both available as injection and in powder form.

Background history

Dr. Ziegler carried out an experiment involving Methandrostenolone and gave testosterone to several bodybuilders over a five week period. He carried out this experiment because he witnessed that Russian bodybuilders received astounding scores from judges in various body building competition based on their physique after taking some muscle enhancing drug. Therefore, he was determined to give the American Olympic team similar anabolic steroids to give a hard competition to the Russian competitors. Initially to assess the effect of this anabolic drug Dianabol was given to some amateur lifters and the results proved to be quite successful. So he decided to give Dianabol to some of the weightlifters of the American Olympic team. Since its creation in the mid 1950’s in Germany it has continued to be one of the top-rated anabolic drugs in the medicine industry. It has an anabolic rating of two hundred and ten and an androgenic rating of sixty.

When and how to use such anabolic drug

This steroid has a long undecylenate ester chain attached to it which gets filtered out while passing through the liver and is then released into the blood stream which enables it to enter the muscle cells where it bonds with androgen receptors.  It provides the body the ability to maximize the amount of calories taken and in turn helps to provide a suitable position to be able to build up muscle. This increased anabolic activity in the body also increases the nitrogen levels. This enables muscle cell growth during workouts and greatly enhances the recovery process.  The best time for bodybuilders to consume such anabolic drug is during off-season because their basic aim is to gain strength and build as much muscle mass as possible.

It is generally recommended to administer this anabolic steroid gradually and proper usage of it can increase weight up to ten pounds in just four weeks. However, users generally prefer to stack this steroid with certain other anabolic steroids to get more effective results. Athletes can, however, use this steroid for various other reasons and benefits, like increasing their speed capabilities and endurance when breakdown of glycogen occurs.

This long-acting anabolic steroid is slowly gaining more importance to users of such medicine among being one of the top-rated anabolic drugs in the steroid market.