The Last Part of My Breast Story

Today marks the day when I finished the last bottle of FemFigure. Officially, this is the end of the treatment for me and I am so excited to be able to share the results with you. So how did I feel during the last month and how did the things go for me?

This month, my breasts swelled up more than the previous month. The fullest is at 35 ½ inch before my period, which is an additional ¾ inch as well. Once my period was over I measured at 35 ¼ inch. To sum it up, all together in within 3 bottles or 3 months of usage, I was able to gain 1 inch in total which is 1 cup size. Because of this, I am now able to fit into the C cup bra that fits me like a glove.

I have to tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with the results I was able to obtain in only 3 months of usage, not forgetting all the other benefits I am getting like firmer hips and a more toned waist line. My skin appears to be smoother and supple with more hydration as well.

FemFigure is really worth my money, attention and time. It is a natural breast enhancement product that uses your body to grow your breast without adding any foreign hormones into your body.

Why choose FemFigure over breast enhancement surgery? Just try to think about how much you would need to pay if you were doing a breast augmentation implant surgery, and the pain and risk that comes with it after. To be honest, I would much rather undergo a simple treatment at home that costs a lot less money rather than some sort of complicated surgery that is expensive and poses certain risks. Now you know why I made my choice.

I bought FemFigure Fem-G with my own money. I am merely writing this review to satisfy my curiosity when it comes to a natural breast enhancement product whether it works or not. I am surprised at the results and I hope that you get to try it as well.