Summertime Gift Ideas for People Who Love the Outdoors

Are you looking for the perfect outdoorsy gift for a birthday party, graduation, or other special occasion? This guide has all the best summertime gift ideas! Outdoor recreation offers an endless wealth of ideas. The gifts on this list will suit a wide range of ages, outdoors interests, and gift budgets – every suggestion is flexible and customizable.

1. Sunburn Kit

The ubiquitous sunburn is a concern for every outdoor enthusiast. A custom-made kit can make a nice gift: include high SPF sunscreen, protectant and soothing lip balm, aloe and burn relief gels, and perhaps a couple of bandanas or a floppy hat to protect the sensitive scalp. Don’t forget to include a pair of sunglasses! Of course, sunglasses can make a great gift by themselves too. Find tips for choosing sunglasses in the next section.

2. Cool Shades

Everybody needs an extra pair of sunglasses! Sunglasses make a great gift if you can find a pair with a classic shape that suits a variety of faces – think aviators, wayfarer designs, sports wraparounds, and other timeless designs that seem to look great on everybody. Unisex sunglasses are always especially versatile. Take some time to visit for examples, or check out their Facebook here!

Look for nice features like large lenses for better coverage, polarization for clearer vision, and of course, UV protection for eye health. Even if your gift recipient chooses to keep them around as a backup pair only, a good pair of sunglasses can be the difference between squinting and smiling.

3. Self-Filtering Water Bottle

Carrying enough clean water for a full jog or gym workout is tough enough, let alone trying to find clean water while out in the middle of nowhere. Self-filtering water bottles are a convenient way to transform almost any water source into a safe and drinkable thirst-quencher. They’re very cool.

Purification ratings vary from bottle to bottle to suit all sorts of situations. Some can even kill viruses! The most convenient self-filtering bottles hide the purification system in a long straw so it’s easy to scoop the water right from the source, although each straw will only have a finite number of uses. Include a few spares for the perfect travel companion.

4. Weather Radio

Although these handy devices are must-haves for all serious adventurers, they’re a great addition to anybody’s standard adventure pack. Weather radios are far more rugged than other types of radios and can help preserve cellphone battery life when you just need weather reports or background music. For travel enthusiasts, look for models that can charge up from multiple sources: hand crank, solar, and battery are a good combination.

5. Portable Battery Charger

This one is all-around useful for any type of outdoor enthusiast. A portable battery charger can keep flashlights and cellphones powered up over long camping trips, road trips, or even just quick adventures to a local park. Consider this option for people who are passionate about photography or any other activity that requires tech in remote locations.

Quick and Easy Mini-Gift Ideas

Do you need a few smaller ideas, maybe for grab bag or party favors? The following mini-guide has a few little things that anyone can use.

Emergency bracelets: Paracord bracelets are extremely useful and very easy to carry around. One little bracelet can unravel up to 14 feet and sometimes even more. It’s nice to have a few in a backpack or car. Plus, they look pretty cool.

Miniature garden: Many people don’t have the time or space to manage a full garden, but everybody has room for a miniature. Air plants are easy to grow (you don’t even have to water them!) and most varieties stay very tiny. They’re a great way to bring a piece of the outdoors inside regardless of gardening ability.

Photography kit: No matter what kind of outdoor adventures your recipient enjoys, photographs are a great way to bring those experiences home. An outdoors-oriented photography kit might include a disposable waterproof camera, a gift certificate to a good photo printer, and a sturdy scrapbook for memories. If your recipient is already a skilled photographer, consider looking into helpful outdoor like binoculars or a beanbag tripod.

It’s easy to pick gifts for people who love spending time outside: after all, nature itself offers up plenty of inspiration.

Written By: Lisa