The Importance of a Perfect Wedding

I have been to many weddings in my life. Some of those weddings were better from other weddings, some of them were average, and some of them were even weddings on a budget. i enjoyed all of them, even those budget ones, but deep down in my heart, I have always known that I wanted my wedding to be absolutely perfect and special. I wanted everybody to keep talking about the event for many years to come. This is how memorable I wanted it to be.

When I first heard about Bliss Bespoke London, I fell in love with all the cakes and decorations that they have. If you wonder what they are, just take a look at the picture I included in this post. Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, you can exactly see what they have there.

I am not even sure which cake is my favourite one. There are so many of them that I would definitely be difficult for me to make up my mind. I have always preferred the colour pink to many other clours for a wedding, and I feel like I am slightly biased when it comes to that, so don’t be surprised if I choose something pink over many other cakes and cupcakes out there. I had always wanted my wedding to have a lot to do with the colour pink, and I haven’t changed my mind when it comes to that. Something tells me that I am going to be a huge fan of pink for many years to come.

What preferences do you have when it comes to wedding cakes? Is there something specific you have in mind when it comes to the cakes, or would you be happy with the first cake you happen to come across? Feel free to share your opinion with me and I will be glad to listen to it.