Sneakers for Spring and Summer

Can you smell spring in the air? I definitely can and I am so happy to report that the weather here has been getting so much better and warmer during the past couple of days.

Every time winter ends, I pack all my winter clothes into bags and put them in my attic. I have been doing it for years now. At the same time, I find my spring and summer clothes and unpack them making them ready for the warm season. This is what I did just a couple of days ago. I found my bag full of summer clothes, and to my surprise I found a pair of sneakers ready for me to wear them. I wrote that this was a surprise to me for one reason: I completely forgot that I had them. Now, when I again am aware of their existence, I am going to wear them as often as possible to make my outdoor walks a lot more comfortable. I love outdoor walks, and going on a walk from time to time in a nice pair of sneakers is a relaxing and fun thing to do indeed.

I liked my sneakers so much that I am already planning to buy another pair whenever an opportunity presents itself. I have been planning to do it for some time as I have heard that a huge selection of Nike sneakers can be easily ordered from the Internet. I love Internet shopping! I received a beautiful purple sweater I had ordered online just yesterday. I also have experience buying shoes online as I have done it before on several occasions. I know my exact size, which only makes things a lot easier. I believe that I will be buying some new sneakers online soon! When I do, I will let you know about it so that you too can participate in the experience.