Five Questions Customers Ask When Buying Embroidered Shirts

Employees wearing custom embroidered shirts adorned with their company’s logo look professional. Clothing that distinguishes itself from ordinary apparel will be more noticeable. That is one of the reasons why many businesses want their staff to wear tops with the company’s name. Sometimes, the worker’s name is added. Customers feel more connected if they know a little about the person working at their home, on their car, or serving them at a store. Now that most people use the Internet, it is also not unusual to see a website written on a shirt. Customizing clothing has many benefits. Are you considering giving it a try? Do you have questions? Keep reading for answers.

1. What Is the Minimum Order?

Most embroidery companies require a minimum order for the simple reason that it takes quite a bit of time to set up their machines. If you want just one shirt, you may have to pay a special fee.

2. Is Shipping Free?

Merchants would not be making any money if they did not charge for shipping. However, they often do not charge for delivery when customers spend a certain amount. Dealers usually mention their policies online. Explore each merchant’s website for the details. Find out if orders are sent to your location. Not every seller accepts international orders.

3. Is the Price the Same for All Logos?

It should be obvious that large emblems cost more. They take longer to make, and more thread is used to complete a larger amount of stitches. Embroidery equipment runs on power, which the manufacturer has to pay for. How much will it cost once you go over the basic threshold? Ask your merchant.

4. Do All Shirts Cost the Same?

Prices vary widely. Therefore, check out a merchant’s inventory. Most dealers divide their stock into categories. You can search by shirt design or brand name. Are you wondering why white shirts are usually cheaper? They are less labor intensive. Some production steps are eliminated.

5. When Can I Expect My Order?

The delivery of embroidered shirts often depends on the location of the warehouse. Once the apparel is ready for shipping, a dedicated seller will ensure that customers get their order within 2 to 4 business days. Do you want assurances? Contact the seller before placing your order to see if the tops you want are in stock.