Presents for the Man in Your Life

If you live in the UK, buying presents for the man in your life can be a difficult task, especially if he is the type who never talks about what he wants! The internet is full of great websites with many suggestions and ideas, but most of them their suggestions are just awful. Then, when you do finally find cool stuff that your man would like, you find out that the website only sells to the US! Outrageous.

Fortunately, for those of us who didn’t move across the pond, we still have plenty of options available to source the perfect present for your husband, boyfriend, or brother. You just need to know where to look! Here are some great ideas for men with different interests.

The Adventurer: Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

This mask is doing to snorkelling what the iPod did to the music industry – it will revolutionise the hobby completely. The concept of the snorkel has barely changed since its conception, until now. A 180° viewing angle, a valve that prevents water ingress and the ability to breathe without a rubber tube in your mouth make this an incredible piece of kit at a very affordable price.

The History Fanatic D-Day Normandy Landings Tour

World War II enthusiasts and fans of Saving Private Ryan will love this 3-day tour that takes in the beaches of the famous D-Day landings in Normandyby British, American, and Canadian forces. Discover the incredible battles and see how the fighting panned out over the rugged landscape. The tour also visits the sights of the airborne assaults that took place behind enemy lines, immortalised in the famous Band of Brothers Series.

The Science Nerd: Home Planetarium

In Britain there aren’t too many nights a year that are optimal for stargazing, especially if you live in the city. Plus it’s probably cold outside… do you really want to risk leaving the coziness of your home? Well you don’t have to… because you can now simply set up a planetarium in your own home! The Home Planetarium creates an astronomically accurate projection of either the northern or southern hemisphere (you choose!), complete with shooting stars!

The gadget lover: App Controlled WiFi Bulb

With technology and innovation progressing at lightning fast speeds, it was always going to be only a matter of time before the humble light bulb received a complete makeover. This modern bulb is controllable from your phone or tablet.

Of course you can turn it on and off remotely, but what really makes it great are the other things you can do with it: change colour, set a timer or alarm to wake you up, a dimmer switch, and several different modes to set the right mood at the right time. This is the future people, and its here now!