Kitchen Design Trends In 2015

Kitchen design is one of the most hotly discussed elements of interior design, largely because of the massive scope for design choices and stylish outcomes. With every passing season, let alone year, new design trends emerge and older ones waste away into obscurity. For those chasing a modern, contemporary feel to their home, it can be tricky to even keep up with the latest developments. While these design features might not perfectly suit everyone, there are clear, simple ways of giving your kitchen a distinctive 2015 look.

Spaced Shelving

One of the top themes for kitchen design in 2015 is spaced shelving, allowing plenty of room for storage and easy access. Door-less units and floating shelves are expected to be an increasingly prominent part of kitchen design as the year wears on, tying in with wider themes of minimalism in contemporary kitchen design.

Mike Taylor of says “expect backless storage units, design-light boxes and open spaces – themes that can be reflected more broadly throughout your kitchen design, providing the practicality you need for a kitchen design to work without sacrificing overall style.”

Furniture and Cabinetry

Another hot theme emerging for 2015 is furniture and cabinetry. At the cutting edge of kitchen design, it is now becoming more common to see standalone cabinets, storage units and work surfaces – rather than the more traditional built-in designs we have become accustomed to. This doesn’t work as well with smaller rooms and awkwardly shaped spaces, but if you have the excess floor space, it could be a good way to ensure you are maximizing both style and functionality in your kitchen.

Bold Wallpaper

For those in the know about interior design, 2015 kitchens are all about wallpaper – bold, striking, colourful patterned wallpaper, with feature walls still a major part of the design landscape. There are a number of wallpaper types catering specifically to the needs of your kitchen, both stylish and practically easy to maintain, so there is plenty to choose from in terms of getting the right finish for your room. A well-chosen wallpaper can actually enhance other elements of the design, and pick out themes and design features to provide that perfect finish.

Kitchen trends are fast-paced, and ever-changing to reflect social taste and preference over time. Whatever you design today will no doubt be superseded by the next wave of interior fashion, and if you’re determined to keep pace you can expect a lot of ongoing renovation and decorating. However, by basing your design on the emerging 2015 look, you can secure a stylish, modern design that will set you up for the foreseeable future, bang on today and tomorrow’s trends.