Live the Classic Life with Classic Homes

Hyderabad is an emerging property market. The city has never been in the spotlight for property development in areas other than Hi Tech City, Gachibowli and beyond. Now in a changed property market of India, many builders have started investing in parts of Hyderabad which were unheard of earlier. Hyderabad property market was slow at picking pace in property development. That has managed to keep the city from experiencing big losses during the recession phase. The local conditions had dissuaded investment for the past few years in the city. There was a political turmoil in the state due to the impending partition of Andhra Pradesh. This led to the political paralysis that caused an unstable environment for big property investments. The areas which were growing earlier continued to grow. The Hi Tech City and the areas beyond saw land acquisition for property development. However much did not happen within Hyderabad or the other suburban regions.

However after the partition of the state and the capital city being changed to Vijaynagar, the excess attention on “quick profit” property development waned. A large number of builders who were looking for gains ventured out to Vijaywada. This left Hyderabad with those firms which had serious plans of sustainable property development in the city. One such firm has now launched its project which now has become one of the first alluring investment options in Hyderabad.

What is Janapriya Classic All about?

Janapriya Classic is a residential housing project offered by the Hyderabad based builders Janapriya engineers Syndicate. This project is currently under construction in the Moti Nagar area of Hyderabad and offers a classic urban lifestyle that is expected out of the city of Hyderabad. The project site lies close to the Ameerpet. Moti Nagar itself is one of the upcoming neighbourhoods where some of the biggest IT firms have established their offices. and Microsoft are among those big names. The vicinity of the project site to Ameerpet grants access to numerous other commercial and residential hubs of the city which are among the most sought after locations in Hyderabad.

However the builders are not merely banking on the location benefits. The project itself comprises of open areas along with three buildings in which all the apartments are housed. Given the location of the project, the builders had an opportunity to offer smaller properties and make more profit. But Janapriya engineers Syndicate is an established brand in Hyderabad city which knows that long term sustainability lies in offering good properties. Therefore unit areas in this project range from 1100 square feet to 1500 square feet approximately.

Other Features of the Project

But it is not only the apartments that are impressive. The builders have also provided numerous other amenities in the project complex. For starters, there is an ATM. Then there is a play area for sports like football and basketball. There is a jogging track provided for those who wish to lead a good and happy lifestyle. The whole project site has been developed internet ready. This means that there would be no problems with internet connectivity anywhere in the premises.

The starting price of accommodations in the project is Rs. 41 lacs approximately.