High heels, high expectations

A wise man once said that even the longest journey starts with just one step. But he forgot to mention that the journey is even better the right pair of shoes. We cannot help ourselves not to love shoes no matter were and how far they can take us and we learned the impact of a sexy pair of shoes can have on our feminine morale. And why should this autumn be an exception? That’s why we had to dig up these next 6 pair of shoes and put them on display so that you can know what to look for when it comes to footwear this fall.

Life in plastic is fantastic, life in rubber… well that’s a different story. Especially when we are talking about a fresh pair of Sergio Rossi rubber wedges, to keep us dry and cozy in the rainiest season of the year. The ultra finished look and the futuristic vibe that they give are bound to defeat any resistance to those that thought, until now, that rubber boots are not fashionable. They can be easily paired with a trench coat or a jacket or if you want you can go all the way and combine these with a clear raincoat and plastic accessories for a SF-esque look.

The warm color of these ankle boots screams autumn, reminding of caramel coated apples, chestnuts and fallen leaves. Besides looking delicious these gorgeous Gucci boots go with anything from wrap dresses to leather jackets bringing that pinch of classy and retro at the same time .All you have to is turn your back and the little fringed charm will accompany you every step , bringing even more attention to your feet!

We all have that little Goth inside waiting to get out whenever we see a purple and black lace corset or some unfortunate makeup on the street. Well now you have the chance of letting your instincts out and try on this pair of rose and skull printed canvas boots that can go surprisingly well with that ultra sexy, extra fitted little black dress you have been keeping in your closet , making it wearable by day. Clever, aren’t they? :)

It’s a wedge, no it’s a heel! Both ways it’s something in between and we just adore it! These Chloe booties have everything you can hope for in a pair of shoes, going perfectly with any sexy or casual outfit you have planned, also having the advantage of being comfy. Now that’s a good way of making sure you will never start on the wrong foot!

Who said autumn is all about fall colors has obviously never seen these gorgeous Paul Andrews boots! The high heeled ,knee high suede leather boots are sure to brighter up even the foggiest fall days and with that sturdy heel you won’t be afraid to go explore the park an pick up some leaves for your collection or go clubbing right after work. After all, purples do have more fun right?

These boots were certainly not made for walking, but for reigning! The tapestry like embroidery makes you think about the Victorian times when women ruled and men obeyed, and the high heels and length of the boots, makes you feel like a modern day queen. All you need now is a pair of ray-bans and some followers and the new fashion reign is about to begin…

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