Best Places to Buy Cheap Video Games

With the video game industry growing year over year, it’s easy to see that more people than ever before are logging on to play their favorite games. Many popular games of the current era are offered free to play such as Riot Games’ League of Legends and Valve’s Dota 2.

However, when you stray away from the PC and go into the console world, things can get quite expensive. Just recently both Microsoft and Sony launched their next generation console, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively. Currently priced right around $400, both consoles are a considerable chunk of change. Add to that $60 games, $60 controllers and things can add up quite quickly (not to mention other miscellaneous peripherals such as the Kinect or PlayStation Camera).

But, buying brand new products at their normal price point isn’t the only option you have when it comes to video games. Buying preowned games and accessories is a method that can net you quite a bit of savings. Add to that special discounts such as the use of an amazon gift card code and you can walk away with extremely low priced games.

Below are just a few of the more successful methods for purchasing preowned games.


First and foremost, there is Amazon. If you’ve ever used Amazon before you’ll know that virtually all of their products are priced much lower than their brick and mortar competitors. This is due to the fact that the online mega retailer doesn’t have to maintain a physical location cutting out a lot of the overhead.

When it comes to video games, Amazon is king. Not only do they frequently offer deals on brand new video games, but they have a lucrative market of sellers willing to part ways with their preowned games. oftentimes, doing just a bit of searching through Amazon’s sellers will see you walking away with a video game priced much lower than you would see anywhere else.


If Amazon doesn’t net you a price you’re happy with, there is always eBay. The online auction house sees scores of video games listed on a daily basis. The great thing about eBay compared to Amazon is oftentimes you get to bid on games. This means that you can walk away with a video game for even lower than you would find in the pre owned section of Amazon.

Thrift Stores

Last but not least, there are thrift stores. While you typically won’t find newer games here, retro gamers regard thrift stores as a gold mine. It may take some searching, but it’s not uncommon that you will find video games (even some that are incredibly rare) for rock bottom prices. Again, this isn’t the best method for the latest releases but sometimes you do happen across a gem.

We left out Gamestop because frankly, there are much better options for buying used games. Sure, you can trade in your old video games and get a discount on many Gamestop products, but you’re not really getting the best bang for your buck.

You may get a recently released title for a mere $5 off the MSRP at Gamestop, if you’re lucky. Alternatively, on Amazon you’ll oftentimes find discounts of up to $20 on titles on brand new preowned titles. Add to that the use of an amazon gift card code and you’ll undoubtedly make off better than you would have if you shopped at Gamestop.