Head Upstairs to Find Additional Living Space

Most people eventually reach the place where they really would like to have more living space in their home. This may be due to an expanding family, or simply that their growing children need more room for privacy. There is sometimes an option to build an addition to the home or finish the basement. Building codes in some locations could prevent adding to the structure of the home, and not all basements are suitable for converting to a bedroom or even lower level family room.

Many homes have unused attic space that can be used to create additional bedrooms or a multi-use area. The most obvious requirement for adding living space in the attic is sufficient headroom. Even if the roof has too much slope on the sides to be usable, most attic conversions include the addition of dormer windows and one or two bump-outs. While these options will increase the cost of the attic conversion, the expense will still be considerably less than building an addition.

Many modern homes are built with access to the area above an attached garage that can be used as a bonus room. There are various uses for this valuable space since it can be used as an entertainment space with a movie theatre, pool table or just a place for the kids to hang out. If the bonus room is accessed through converted attic space, it can have easy access to a bathroom and closet area. This means the area can also be used as a bedroom to house guests or the older kids in an expanding family. To ensure the converted area will be comfortable in either hot or cold weather, additional insulation will be required.

Homeowners sometimes assume they will be able to do most of the construction work themselves, especially if they have family or close friends who are experienced in the construction field. These projects often work out just fine, but hiring a professional remodeling contractor is usually the best choice. Some requirements of the project such as pulling permits, running electrical and plumbing lines should be done by licensed contractors.

Most homes offer the opportunity to expand upwards in order to get more living space, but ranch homes present more of a problem. It is possible to raise the roof and still use the attic space in a ranch home, but the project will be much more challenging and expensive.