Golf Shoes Keep the Fun in the Game

Golf is a fun game providing the opportunity for fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. It challenges the player to master many skills to excel. Proper equipment increases the joy of the game. Wearing golf shoes keeps the game fun.

One of the worst things a golfer can experience is having the perfect shot planned, the correct club selected, the wind adjusted for, the tempo calibrated, and just as you push off your back foot to hit that dream shot… your foot slips. Your perfect shot is ruined by faulty footwear.

Athletic shoes come in all shapes and sizes. Many people grab their favorite running shoes to hit the links. They never consider the difference in the design of golf shoes. The game is more fun with the proper shoes.


Unlike shoes designed for other sports, golf shoes are designed with a larger sole. The broader shoe base gives more stability as the golfer rotates her body and pushes off the back foot. Many athletic shoes are designed to keep the ankle and foot still but golf shoes provide the elasticity for the proper foot movement through the swing.


Golf courses are some of the most beautiful and manicured real estate on the planet. However, most people play on the undulating portions of the course. While the professionals may hit shots from the manicured fairways, the average golfer rarely finds a perfect stance. Golf shoes are designed to be flexible and keep the feet from slipping regardless of the uneven terrain or wet grass.


The often forgotten part of golf is that a round will consist of between 4 to 6 miles of walking. Golf shoes are designed to be comfortable when walking. They are made of breathable leather and provide solid arch support to make the each round more productive and enjoyable.

Golf shoes are essential. They can be found at your local pro shop, at retail shops, and online at places such as They come in many different brands and styles ranging from quite expensive to discount Nike golf shoes. Proper golf shoes can be the difference in a frustrating day on the links or a fun day with friends.