A Shopaholics Addiction With Designer Handbags

How many handbags does a woman actually need? Most women buy a new handbag every season. Shopping for handbags has become an addiction for women. Is it worthwhile to spend so much of time, effort and money on the designer handbags?

Some women are compulsive shoppers. The medical term for compulsive shopping is called oniomania. It is term used to describe someone who shops in response to depression, anxiety, anger low self-esteem and sometimes even loneliness. Shopping can become an addiction for many women.

As shopping is becoming an international pastime, the number of compulsive shoppers are increasing every day. According to the Stanford University, almost ninety per cent of oniomania victims are women. Men react differently to low serotonin levels, whereas women turn to compulsive shopping or binge eating.

Boredom is the most common reasons for compulsive shopping. Shopping can give a sense of excitement which may be absent in a person’s life. Many women also shop with family and friends, in such scenarios, there is a lot of pressure to impress and to buy. The cycle of fashion consumption continues as everyone tries to keep up with the latest brands.

Many women have severe body image issues. Woman who feel bad about their bodies, tend to shop on impulse in the hope of finding something magical that will make them feel sexy. Generally, women shop for a feeling rather than for any actual item. Fortunately the handbag is one such item that provides any woman with a deep sense of gratification and delight. Today, women are willing to spend much more on a handbag than a car or even a holiday. Women consider them to be worth much more than just a carrier of their belongings. They believe that handbags are something quite intimate and are integral to their existence. The handbag design house set the trend for each season’s handbags and the prices can be outrageous.


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About the Author:

Dr. Tara J. Dixal is a creative writer and loves writing about fashion, history and lifestyle. She has a purse obsession and is currently writing a book on the origin on ‘purse and handbags’.