5 Reasons Why Selling Online Is Better Than The High Street

There is virtually nothing you cannot do with a computer and an internet connection. From your weekly grocery shop to online banking – now, you can even sell your house.

The rise of online estate agents has brought about a long standing argument between them and the traditional high street estate agents, and here at Jet Homes, we believe that online is better – and we are going to tell you why.

1 – Fees

Going through a high street agent could cost up upwards of £1000 in fees or 1.5% + VAT of the property value – although that would be taken after the sale has completed, and usually deducted from the sale proceedings. Online agents would only charge you as little as £100 upfront and around £899 as a fixed fee.

You would have to work out, depending on the value of the house, if you were getting the best deal. But usually, it would mean more money in your pocket in the long-term.

2 – Viewings

If you go through a high street agent, they will take care of this for you. Showing potential buyers around your house while you are away – but you will have to leave your keys with a complete stranger. Plus, you will have to pay them for the benefit.

Who knows your house better than you? No one. Online agents will arrange the viewings for you, but will leave it to you to show the buyer around the property.

You can provide that passion, inside knowledge and be able to answer any possible questions about the property and neighbourhood without a second thought. Buyers often feel more comfortable being shown around a potential house by the person that owns it as they know they are getting first-hand information.

3 – Larger Marketplace

Recent research over the last five years discovered that 62% of people who purchased property started their search using the internet.

That number is predicted to rise to at least 80% over the next five years. People that looking to buy a new property will begin their search online.

Using High street agents will limit your target audience to locals, rather than opening your property up to anyone with a computer.

4 – Options

Using an online estate agent will also give you a whole host of options when it comes to selling your home.

You can decide what pictures to show, wait until the brightest day to make your house stand out – rather than a glum Tuesday when it is raining outside. You can take the images yourself rather than paying a High Street vendor to do this.

You will also decide what information goes into your advert. You can find online estate agents who will draw up floor plans, even 3D floor plans, to really make your house look it’s best.

5 – Motivation to close the deal

When you use a high street agent, they will typically barter with a prospective buyer for you, trying to get the best deal…but usually so that their commission is as high as possible.

Using an online agent, because they charge a fixed fee, there is no money incentive to do the same, however, there is the motivation to go a fantastic job so that word spreads around, and your friends will use their service when they want to sell.

Nothing motivates companies better than the thought of more business.