5 Gift Ideas that your friends and family will love

Online reductions and vouchers may lure you into buying the lot, but before you set out on a spending binge, think about whether the presents you’ve decided to buy will generate unending memories for your family. It’s also vital to contemplate the financial aspect of purchasing presents, because most of the time we go over the top with enthusiasm and buy unnecessarily costly gifts.

Now here are some easy-to-find and reasonable gift ideas for your family and friends

A spa day for the Mother

Your mother is one of the hardest working people you know, she has been on her toes all year and there is no greater gift than a rejuvenating spa massage for her to literally take the weight off her feet.

Engraved pocket watch for your Dad

Pocket watches have always been a representation of sophistication, as they were the first worn watches in history. Your dad will proudly carry his pocket watch with panache all day. If you purchase one that is etched with words that say your love and gratitude for him, he will be the most joyful Dad around.


Books are distinctive because their worth will not diminish with passing time. Ensure you pick good reads based on the person’s interests. There are a wide variety of books obtainable in the marketplace, and some good picks for the occasion. Look out for the both user and critic review and have a rummage through their collection of literature to get some ideas on what genres they like.

Homemade Jam

Nothing can express friendliness and warmth like a homemade delicacy. Gather some fresh apples from your neighbouring Market and make your own apple sauce to go with the finest roast pork. Parcel the apples in jam jars and even decorate the jars if you want to add more of personal touch. Your friends and family will cherish it.

Baskets filled with items of your choice

These kinds if presents are amusing, especially when you are the recipient. Get a hamper, though not a large one, from a craft store or 99p shop and fill it with different luxuries, like scented candles for example. Creams, body cleansers, body wash and body sprays are a great addition to your wicker basket of treats. To add a final touch to your gift bag include delicious baked things like biscuits, cheese cake, fruit cake, sugar free cake, muffins or brownies. Don’t forget to decorate your gift basket too to add the extra personal touch.

Ultimately, it is the thought that counts. Whatever occasion it is, make sure you also give the gift of love, happiness and affection.