3 Ways to Make Jewelry Refining Eco-Friendly

The processing, storage and handling steps involved in jewelry refining can require the use of hazardous materials. Fortunately, many refining companies are opting for methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible. These companies typically employ at least some of the following methods to ensure eco-friendly standards during their refining process.

Consulting Local Environmental Protection Agencies
Eco-friendly jewelry refining companies actively seek out methods to control the amount of pollution that their company produces. They additionally may consult with local organizations to make sure that their measures are legally compliant. For example, JRGINC.com regularly consults with the Department of Environmental Protection of New York City.

Reducing Air Pollution
Jewelry refining companies use furnaces which produce chemical exhaust fumes. These fumes can be processed through a special scrubber system which will eliminate the contaminating and harmful aspects from the gases before releasing it into the environment.

Eliminating Water Pollution
As with air pollution, refining factories are able to employ water treatment facilities which remove the pollution from the water. Companies may also choose to install a no-loss water cooling system that ensures that no water will be released into the environment. In this case, the water used within the refining process is continually recycled instead of being discharged.

Part of the purpose of the jewelry refining process is to produce beautiful accessories. Refining companies that practice eco-friendly habits go above and beyond this goal by helping to ensure the long-term beauty of the planet.