5 Fun Club Ideas to Bring Your Community Together

Have you ever lived in a suburban neighborhood for years without knowing or talking to anyone? It can be lonely, but there are a few ways you can bring your community together. Clubs are fun, entertaining ways for people to get together, make friends, and discuss common interests. Here are a few neighborhood club ideas for your community.

Christian Book Club

Faith in God is a bonding belief and one of the most common club ideas for bringing like-minded souls together. Within your community, begin a Christian book club, where you read and discuss the symbolism in the Bible and other Christian texts. Strengthen each other’s beliefs and get to know these new friends through God.

Children’s Arts and Crafts Club

Just for kiddos, this club idea brings together crafty, creative youngsters for DIY artworks throughout your community. They can get together and make cool stuff while making new friends that could last a lifetime. Have craft theme nights and encourage the kids to put in their creative ideas.

Men’s Conversation Club

Men need guy time in the same way a woman needs like-minded female friends. You don’t necessarily have to go full-on man cave, but a conversation club provides reason for good beer and excellent discussions. Or, better yet, instead of meeting at a bar or pub, go through rotations of backyard barbecues for just the guys. What would you talk about? Anything and everything—from your recent trip to a Brooklyn NY dentist, to your dynamic new outlook on life, or that new sitcom you love. Make conversation out of everyday topics!

Couple’s Date Night Club

This one is a community favorite because so many couples would love to have couple friends. Pick a location and have a couple’s date night, complete with good food, great conversation, and a captured smooch or two between long-time loves. It’s a great way to make friends as couples, then bond with both people as individuals.

The Everything for Everyone Club

This “club” is more a weekly or monthly dinner on rotation from one house to the next. Or, it could be a barbecue, a pot luck—anything to get together with your new friends from around the neighborhood. Any sort of interaction that brings your community together in a positive way is a good thing.

With these club ideas, you can banish the loneliness of being the newbie in a small town. Or, finally get to know your neighbors where you have been living for years. Plus, some of these club suggestions work well to get your muse going so you can come up with some get-together ideas of your own.