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Do It Yourself Christmas

Christmas is this special time of year when I usually spend more time in the kitchen. I don’t mind it since cooking and baking is and will definitely be one of my hobbies like forever. I have a few other hobbies such as video games and fashion for example, but baking and cooking definitely make the top of the list. I haven’t started any Christmas baking yet, but it is going to change soon as I am planning to have DIY Christmas this year.

It never ceases to amaze me how many things you can actually do yourself instead of just buying them in a store. For example, look at the picture included in this post. I can guarantee you that you aren’t going to find anything quite like it in any store. The reason? You can only do such cakes yourself and that’s the beauty of it. You get to be creative, you sit down in your kitchen and you start devising some of the most original cakes the world has ever seen. Just look at those santas, and you should know precisely what I am talking about here.

Do-it-yourself cakes are great to make with kids. My daughter Emmy just loves to bake. She usually takes a piece of dough in her little hand and then transforms it into funny shapes. She gets very dirty as well, but I allow her to create little mess every time we bake. I don’t mind it as long as after the baking session everything returns back to normal again.

A Shopaholics Addiction With Designer Handbags

How many handbags does a woman actually need? Most women buy a new handbag every season. Shopping for handbags has become an addiction for women. Is it worthwhile to spend so much of time, effort and money on the designer handbags?

Some women are compulsive shoppers. The medical term for compulsive shopping is called oniomania. It is term used to describe someone who shops in response to depression, anxiety, anger low self-esteem and sometimes even loneliness. Shopping can become an addiction for many women.

As shopping is becoming an international pastime, the number of compulsive shoppers are increasing every day. According to the Stanford University, almost ninety per cent of oniomania victims are women. Men react differently to low serotonin levels, whereas women turn to compulsive shopping or binge eating.

Boredom is the most common reasons for compulsive shopping. Shopping can give a sense of excitement which may be absent in a person’s life. Many women also shop with family and friends, in such scenarios, there is a lot of pressure to impress and to buy. The cycle of fashion consumption continues as everyone tries to keep up with the latest brands.

Many women have severe body image issues. Woman who feel bad about their bodies, tend to shop on impulse in the hope of finding something magical that will make them feel sexy. Generally, women shop for a feeling rather than for any actual item. Fortunately the handbag is one such item that provides any woman with a deep sense of gratification and delight. Today, women are willing to spend much more on a handbag than a car or even a holiday. Women consider them to be worth much more than just a carrier of their belongings. They believe that handbags are something quite intimate and are integral to their existence. The handbag design house set the trend for each season’s handbags and the prices can be outrageous.


Fortunately for the ones with slightly less cash there are always economically priced alternatives available. The wholesale handbags that are now widely available are of good quality and their rates are very reasonable at One can easily avail large discounts on most deals.

About the Author:

Dr. Tara J. Dixal is a creative writer and loves writing about fashion, history and lifestyle. She has a purse obsession and is currently writing a book on the origin on ‘purse and handbags’.



More Puppies Please

I have several weaknesses in my life. One of the things in life that melt my heart are puppies. There is simply something about them that makes them so adorable and so desirable. I have been a huge puppy and dog lover for a long time. For me, it has always been dogs, not cats or any other animals.You might want to Check out this Puppy Website if you need more reasons to convince you that dogs are probably some of the most wonderful animals on our planet. If you disagree, contact me, and we will have a discussion during which I am going to give you a few arguments why dogs are better pets than any other animal. come on, try me.

There are many enjoyable things to do in life. One of those things is giving gifts to your loved ones. A few days ago, I made up my mind to Try this Site. Photos on canvas have always been one of those things I wanted to try. When the perfect moment finally arrived, I am finally ready to order anything they might want to have for me. I cannot wait for the photos to arrive!

Christmas time is also a good time to think about many other topics. Check out this Site to learn what I am talking about here.

Seven Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

When you have been in an accident, your mind is numb. It is difficult to think about tasks like documenting the accident and telling a tow truck which Houston auto body shop you want to use. Knowing ahead of time what to do in case of an accident can help you if the unfortunate event ever occurs. According to AAA there are seven steps you should follow after an accident.

Take Care of the Injured

The first thing to do is take care of those who are injured. Don’t worry about administering first aid yourself. Just call 9-1-1 immediately.

Control the Scene

A huge problem with car accidents is that subsequent accidents can occur as a result of the first accident. As soon as possible, make the scene as safe as you can. Do things such as turning on your hazard lights, moving the car to the edge of the road, and getting uninjured people off the road.

Contact the Police

Once everyone is as safe as can be, call the police as required by law. The police will file a report that becomes part of the public records. This report can protect you in the future if complications from the accident arise.

Document the Accident

It is critical to document the accident. Write down everything that you can remember about the accident. Include things such as the time of day, road conditions, weather, witnesses, location, etc. If at all possible, write it all down before you leave the scene. Also, exchange contact information with the other party, and collect their insurance information. Take your cell phone and snap pictures and videos of the scene.

Call Your Insurance

As soon as you can, call your insurance company. Be sure to give them all of the documentation that you collected and wrote down. The more information you can give them, the better they can fight your case.

Find the Owner of Unattended Vehicles

Sometimes you’re involved in an accident where the owner of the other vehicle is absent. Do all you can to locate that owner and let them know about the accident and how to contact you.

Get Your Car Repaired

Finally, work with your insurance company to select a Houston auto body shop and get your car repaired.

This was a guest post.

New social network

Whenever I hear about a New social network, I am always willing to try it out. I have been a member of several social networks for some time now and I know more or less how they work. I also know what to expect from them in terms of services that they are to offer me.

It came as no surprise to me that a new social network known as Surfory emerged on the market recently and is ready waiting for me to try it. I am always willing to check out such services knowing what a difference they make in my life. If i find something that is of interest to me, I am willing to stick with it for a long time and benefit from it for as long as possible.

I decided to Sign up for closed beta to try and see for myself how the network works. The reason I wanted to do it was because I want to be one of the first ones to witness how something great started. I want to see it with my very own eyes so that later in life I am going to be able to tell everybody that I was there when Surfory started.

How to Write an Essay

I understand that not everybody is a writer like me who spends many hours writing articles and essays each day. For many people, essays are one of the main reasons they decide not to apply to college or university. They usually feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they might be required to dedicate to the task of writing essays. Even though they have the knowledge and the skill to study in a university, writing an essay is something they cannot do on their own for some reason.

I can understand the frustration those people face. I believe that teachers in secondary schools do not dedicate enough time to teaching students to write essays. It is very likely for such students to ask themselves the following question: how to write my essay. Students graduating from various schools do not know how to write essays simply because nobody taught them how to do it. How much easier it would be for them to learn how to write essays instead of dedicating their time to other subjects such as reading poetry during English classes. As much as I believe that literature reading is important, essays writing should be given top priority. Teachers need to understand this, as more and more colleges and universities require students to write custom essays in order to be accepted. If a person already gets into a college or university, he will be required to write a few essays per academic year, which is usually one of the requirements. It is in the interest of a student to make sure that he finds somebody who will help him with any essay on any topic.

Shoes Matter

Every time I buy new shoes, I feel better about myself and my confidence seems to skyrocket every time it happens. Believe it or not, I bought a pair of new shiny shoes just two days ago. I went to the dentist in the morning, and on my way back I saw a shoe store I felt an urge to visit. I haven’t looked back and today I am the proud owner of black leather shoes that fit me like a glove.

One of the reasons I like to go for leather shoes such as all those shoes that can be found on Gipsy Dharma is that leather simply feels so natural. I like it when my feet have a chance to breathe as opposed to getting hot in shoes made of artificial materials. I guess there is simply something about leather that makes it so enjoyable to wear. It almost feels like my second skin: it is soft, it is natural, and it breathes. These are some of the qualities I tend to look for every time I need to and want to buy a pair of shoes.

Since the rules of fashion often dictate what clothing and accessories women choose to wear, it pays to sit down for a while and look for some fashionable shoes. I am sure that you would agree with me when I say that women’s shoes are a large part of fashion. The bottom line is that when you want to be stick to the latest trends in fashion, you need to take care of your shoes as well.