You’d Think it Would be Easier to Re-Gift

Some people are just impossible to buy for and it gets to the stage where you’re tearing your hair out in the middle of the high street as you have zero ideas about what to get them for their birthday or Christmas. You’re at your wit’s end and you think maybe I should end it all; just go home and wrap something you got last Christmas from that horrid Aunt. This might seem like a solution, however, it may be more trouble than it’s worth. You have to consider the rules of re-gifting… yes, there are rules (and no, the first one isn’t: ‘Don’t talk about re-gifting). See below. Make sure you’re not caught out as you might die of embarrassment (which is impossible, but you know what I mean). If I were you, I’d swap the high street for the online market. There’s more out there and you can truly find something personal… or ignore me and re-gift… you can do what you want, really.

Top 5 rules of Regifting
Top 5 rules of Regifting is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree