Worth Every Moment: 6 Tips to Look After Your Collectibles

For true hobbyists like us, collecting is a joy that can’t be described until you’ve had the pleasure of seeking out, buying, and displaying your collection. Whether you have a family collection or your family members each have their own, collecting is a fantastic hobby to enjoy.

However, it can also be sad when those collectibles start to show their age or become accidentally broken!

Owning collectible figurines is a bit like owning an antique – you have to give it proper care if you want to keep it in your collection for many years to come!

Here are some easy tips to follow to ensure that your collectibles last a long time.

Tip #1: Clean Them Gently

The first tip is to ensure that you clean them very gently.

Different collectibles will be made out of different materials, so there is not one set method on how to clean all collectibles. The common point is that they are breakable items, so they should be cleaned with gentle, non-toxic products that won’t degrade the quality of the item.

If you aren’t sure how to best clean the item, contact the manufacturer or another collector. They’ll be able to give you good advice on what to (and not) do.

Tip #2: Store Them Properly

Do you only display part of your collection at a time or during a certain time of year?

If so, that means your collectibles are often in storage. Believe it or not, items in storage are more often broken than those that are on display! Why? Because they do not get stored properly.

When storing collectibles, the best way to save them is to package them up the way that you bought them. Original boxes and packaging will keep them secure.

If you don’t have the original items, look for gentle wrapping papers or clothes and find an appropriately sized box to keep them in. Don’t stack collectibles on top of each other without proper weight distribution, or else you could break something at the bottom!

Tip #3: Keep The Display Somewhere Safe

While it’s natural to want to display your collection somewhere that it can be seen, you don’t want to risk it being somewhere that the youngest kids might knock it over or it gets trampled past every single day.

Try to display your collection somewhere out of reach, and somewhere that isn’t walked past dozens of times a day. A low-risk area is much safer for your collection.

Tip #4: Watch Temperature, Humidity, and Sunlight

Many collectible figurines can degrade in quality whenever they are subjected to:

  • High temperatures
  • Too much humidity
  • Direct sunlight

Make sure that the room where you keep your collection is properly heated, cooled, and dehumidified. Additionally, try to display your collectible figurines somewhere that they are not being hit by direct sunlight, as this can cause fading.

Tip #5: Set A Cleaning Schedule

The final fast tip for you today is to set up a collectible cleaning schedule. Take one day a month to take care of your figurines, or do a little bit each week. Either way, make sure that you are taking the necessary time to clean your valuables so they last forever!