Why a Two-Bedroom Apartment is a Great Choice for Couples Moving in Together

You and your spouse are moving in together and debating between a one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment. You shouldn’t be having this debate because a two-bedroom is such a great option for young couples moving to a new place in a thriving and exciting city.

How to Use an Extra Bedroom

When you rent a two-bedroom apartment as a couple, you open yourself up to many exciting possibilities. First of all, you can convert one bedroom into an entertainment area where you meet with friends or spend time apart. Remember – the best couples know that they need to take a break from time to time to stay healthy. However, you can also use your extra bedroom to make money.

How is this possible? By converting your spare bedroom into an office where you can work on a side hustle when you’re not at your day-time job. Many people convert extra NYC bedrooms into areas for massages, writing centers, a work area for many types of businesses that they run after work or on the weekends. And when seeking out a two-bedroom apartment in NYC, make sure that you pay attention to amenities that make the move-in easier and more affordable.

Amenities That Make This Easier

Though a two-bedroom apartment may cost you more initially, many are available with a free three-month rental plan that makes it easier for you to get on your feet and start making some money in your new job. Others offer benefits such as decreased heating and cooling bills or adjustable utilities that you can tweak based on your two-bedroom apartment and your needs as a couple, further cutting costs.

Ensure that your complex also has good amenities for children, should you and your spouse ever want to convert the spare bedroom into a place for an upcoming child. Daycare options are great as they allow you and your spouse to work instead of staying at home with the young one. You may also want to consider complexes with play areas for children, such as various types of gyms and playgrounds where they can play and make friends.

Start Your Search Today

Whether you’re looking for a 2 bedroom luxury apartment East Side Manahttan option or plan on moving to another neighborhood, you and your spouse should have a much better time if you find a way to make a two-bedroom option work for your needs.