What To Expect During HVAC Replacement

Does your HVAC unit need to be replaced? Even well-maintained units typically need to be replaced every 15 years or so, which means it’s bound to happen. You may be tempted to put it off, but it’s a good idea to keep your unit up to date, and chances are the appointment won’t be as bad as you’re imagining.

The Day Before HVAC Replacement

The first thing to do is to contact heating and air contractors Harvest AL to get estimates. Look for reputable companies that are licensed, insured, and willing to provide you an estimate in writing. The estimate should include the start and expected completion date of the job, the tasks that will done, a list of the materials, and an itemized price list. It should also detail what your warranty covers. Your contractor can help you determine what size unit you need and find the right one.

There are several things you can do before replacement day to prepare the space. Move all items out of the space where the crew will be working, keeping in mind that most crews will not move valuable items for you. You should also take your pets to a safe, quiet area away from the HVAC space. Keep in mind that most HVAC replacement jobs only take one day, but some will extend into a second day.

The Day of HVAC Replacement

The day of your appointment, the crew will protect your flooring in the work areas with drop cloths or protective pape.  Next, your HVAC contractors will start placing the new equipment, which may mean they need access to crawl spaces, basements, and attic areas. They’ll then remove the old unit and install the new, energy-efficient system and all of its necessary components. Barring no unforeseen circumstaces, the job should be done within a day.

Don’t put off installing a new HVAC unit longer than you have to. Hire experienced professionals to help your home feel its best no matter what the season is.