What is the Next Level of Couch Surfing?

 Couch surfing is a familiar situation for those who find themselves in a new place or have been displaced from their old one. Couch surfers can hop from place to another for as short as three days to months at a time. The common couches that are featured in these stories are narrow and well-worn with couch cushions used as pillows and sheets and blankets borrowed from the master bedroom.

However, the couch surfing game has been changed; the next level is when it doesn’t feel like couch surfing at all and you almost feel like you are in a guest bedroom instead of setting up camp in the living room. Regular pull-out beds are always narrow and uncomfortable. They were clearly made for emergency guests. A corner sofa bed, on the other hand, is completely different.

You stop falling over the side of the couch

A corner sofa bed has more space. The L shape acts as a frame that easily accommodates the rest. In a regular couch or being a first-time couch surfer, you might fall off the side. You have to stick to one position and make minimal movements or else you will fall face first on the floor.

A sofa bed has the same size as a regular mattress and isn’t as lumpy as a pull-out bed. At some point, you forget you are in a sofa bed, to begin with. You can move and sleep in peace.

You can disguise your pseudo-bedroom from others better

The clean-up process is easier too. When you are staying in one place longer, it is messy to leave the folded-up sheets and pillows out during the day. You also do not want to cross any more barriers going in and out of other rooms to claim the pillows and blankets. Some models of sofa beds have storage under them and you can easily keep your sheets and pillows there. The result is cleaner and more put together than the traditional couch surfer set up. It is like you are truly a part of the home instead of someone who is casually passing by.

No one aims to be a couch surfer; it’s something that happens when people are on the go. For people who lack room, a sofa bed allows your traveller friends a place to stay without feeling like they are intruding. Almost as if the living room quietly transforms into a guest bedroom at night and reverts back to its original state in the morning. It doesn’t seem like they are roughing it anymore. And for young cousins and kids? It is like an adventure, camping indoors.

Image: Pixabay.com